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The number of the Cai Yingwen administration: "water meter" into political retaliation – Beijing Chinese Taiwan news network November 1st according to Taiwan "today’s news" reported that the KMT vice chairman Li Mingxian October 31st criticized the labor group protest: a case of a "run to the Cai Yingwen residence petition only, the result is the police come to check the water meter; Zhang Baker took a photo of Chen Shuibian, the result is to be the tax authorities is the Taiwan authorities, used to check the water meter? Would you like to become the name "water meter authority"? According to reports, Li Mingxian on Facebook (Facebook) said that the human rights and freedom and democracy should not have two sets of standards, must not become me will prosper, against me will die, let the water meter into political retaliation, this is not just the arrogance of power, is the beginning of authoritarian terror. Taiwan district leader Cai Yingwen also said that the past few months, the community is more antagonistic? The so-called government and reconciliation? Li Mingxian said, Cai Yingwen can not only talk about a bunch of gorgeous empty talk, what does not allow workers to be alone, do not let the enterprise alone, more worrying is that Taiwan’s human rights and freedom is being reversed. (Taiwan, China)相关的主题文章: