Leading intelligent frequency conversion Hisense air conditioning industry two annual awards invictus gaming

Leading intelligent inverter   Hisense air-conditioning industry won the two annual award – home appliances — people.com.cn (peak forum site) in August 26th, sponsored by the Chinese grid, China household electrical appliances association, the State Information Center Information Resources Department guidance "thirteenth China air conditioning industry summit forum held in Beijing," technology "Hisense was named the" 2016-2017 annual air conditioning industry intelligent inverter air conditioner leading brand "and" 2016-2017 annual air-conditioning industry leading product "two comfortable frequency of the most representative awards, become the big winner this year’s forum. Detonated the high-end, intelligent frequency will be on the air conditioning industry benchmarking, the mainstream brands, industry experts and industry insiders for hundreds of smart, frequency and other industry hot topics to develop high-end dialogue, focus on smart new products, user experience, market trends and other key focus on the air conditioning industry status quo and future in-depth discussion. At present our country whether the level of consumption or consumption ability, there are no constraints, the biggest problem is that the supply side structure upgrades slowly, but lack of innovation can not meet the higher consumer demand, but Hisense and other mainstream air-conditioning companies this year’s innovation ability is outstanding, more emphasis on quality and service for the consumer demand, the pursuit of the high quality of life significantly enhance the ability to meet." China Household Electrical Appliances Association vice chairman Xu Dongsheng pointed out. (industry experts for the Hisense air conditioning Award) as a 21 year frequency experts, Hisense air conditioning in the frequency conversion, intelligent products and technical excellence in one fell swoop won the two innovation awards. In air conditioning, from the birth of the first domestic inverter air conditioners, inverter air conditioner to global sales exceeded 50 million units, from the first "dual mode" frequency conversion technology to the seventh generation jet frequency conversion technology, the technology to send Hisense inverter air conditioner to firmly grasp the right to speak of the market and competitive dominance. In terms of innovation in intelligence, intelligence and innovation, the impact of changes in the face of the Internet, Hisense is the earliest one of the household electrical appliance enterprises intelligent transformation strategy, the transformation is more focused on product innovation, from the 2013 launch of the first micro-blog " control; Internet smart air conditioning, has formed to " the remaining 40 smart boutique product lineup. 2016 cold years, around the needs of different users of "pain points", Hisense launched the "dazzle" to subvert the significance of air conditioning, "Kang Meirong’s" Pearl "air conditioning, the European Cup commemorative" small fighter "air conditioning of differentiated products, independent innovation and application of the intelligent cloud platform technology, 360 ° air supply system; nanoe (nano water ion) technology, 16.5 DB ultra quiet industry leading technology, not only in the frequency energy, health and comfort aspects of superior performance, innovation and application of the intelligent function more powerful, more perfect experience, intelligent air-conditioning industry is the most representative of the boutique. Among them, the year the air-conditioning industry leading products of Hisense inverter comfort "Pearl" air conditioning once caused great repercussions in the market, especially the level of energy efficiency, intelligent light sterilization beauty, etc. these advantages and establish a benchmark technology of inverter air conditioner, for example)相关的主题文章: