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UnCategorized German words probably do not seem very basic to most of you. But it be.es easier with practice. Why do I say this? Well, as with anything, in order to be successful at something, it needs to be fine tuned. Perfection .es with repetition. You will forget a second language if you do not practice it, so let us start practicing. What do we need to know to begin learning a new language? We have to approach a second language with a clear mind. There is a big difference in trying to learn a new language. Do you know what that might be? The difference is, we already have a state of mind of how a language should be spoken. We have rules and ideas in our head already. So to effectively learn a new a language, one must empty himself or herself of the rules as we know it. Now, without further delay, let us start to learn German. The German language is a deep, rich, sharp sounding language. It is a beautiful spoken language with crisp clear words. I am very excited to help you learn the basics. However you should be aware of a couple things before we begin. You will probably make mistakes along the way and that is a good thing. Making mistakes is alright. Do you know why? People learn from their mistakes and there is no better way to learn. The German language is quite different yet quite similar to the English language. Some minor things like the translation of certain words, will simply not work. The English translation will .e out sounding funny or just plain stupid. Some other little differences to take note of include the use of the word you. The German language has two main uses for this word. There is a casual use, and a formal use. The apostrophe is also used differently then the apostrophe in English. One last key point to start off with is that the possessives in German normally will not use an apostrophe. Now, with all that said, let us begin our learning. One of the best ways to learn a second language is to hear it being spoken. Each and every word must be spoken and clearly so that you may follow along.Following along is fun and easy. What is great about this, is that you can say or heard the word over and over again until you feel ready to move on. It is important to understand each lesson before moving on. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: