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Marketing New letterhead printing is undertaken when a new business is being launched or an old business decides to undergo a change of image. In both situations, letterhead design is given a great deal of importance and so is the printing. What you print is as important as how you print it. Printing quality can make a big difference to the way your letterhead looks. However, it is easy to achieve high standards of printing these days thanks to the variety of professional help available from those who undertake online printing. Design Elements in a Letterhead Prior to starting work on the design of your letterhead, you must finalize the elements that must be included in it. 1. Is there an existing logo? If there is, it should be used in the letterhead. If there isn’t, do have a logo designed as it is a useful tool to build the company’s image. The logo can then be used in all other business and marketing material such as flyer printing, sleeve printing, etc. 2. What are the corporate colors of the organization? If certain colors are already associated with the company and are being used in other printed material, they should be repeated in the letterhead in order to optimize the benefits of that association. 3. What type face would best reflect the image of your company? Different type faces would project different images. Also select a type style for the other material on the letterhead such as contact details. Try not to use more than two type styles in the letterhead. The Creative aspect of a Letterhead 1. It is always advisable to get a letterhead designed for your company by a professional. You can find a printer online who does letterhead printing to take on the designing of your letterhead. A letterhead that is unique to your company will help build its image. 2. Give prominence to your logo. A good logo can eventually become a good stand alone entity. Since a logo represents an organization, it must take precedence over all else. The layout you finally approve prior to letterhead printing, must be neat and uncluttered, and must ensure enough white space for writing text. The Importance of good printing 3. The look and feel of your letterhead will hinge on the quality of printing and the paper used. Good printers will advice you on the best paper to use for your purposes and budget. However, you must decide which paper quality best reflects the image of your company before letterhead printing starts. Would you prefer a slick, glossy, heavy paper or a nice, thick, textured paper? What do these types of paper say? Would a thin, italic font look good on a textured paper? When it all Comes Together The ideal letterhead is a combination of a number of design elements that all contribute to creating a company’s image and help in building a brand. Since the contents of a letterhead are used in multiple places its effects are far reaching. So be wise in your choice of letterhead printing solutions. 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