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LETV shares fell and struck the rumor behind capital exams? The Economic Observer reporter Feng Qingyan as a public platform music group, LETV (300104.SZ) in Shenzhen 6 years ago when the gem listing, is only a market value of 5 billion yuan of video website, and last year the highest price reached 200 yuan shares, the market value of 140 billion yuan. The music group is a company involved in real estate, television, mobile phone, automobile, sports, finance and so on many pictures, do not take sides in the field of business, now LETV shares ushered in a sharp drop, as of 3 closing at 40.63 yuan shares, worth about about 80000000000 yuan, under a lot of financing and expansion of a round, LETV the popular capital of all ages, and now perhaps the capital big hit. Let the music into the vortex of public opinion is the fuse, November 2nd, 3 consecutive days, the stock fell two days. In November 2nd, Shenzhen gem LETV day Dikaidizou, afternoon diving, closing at 41.01 yuan, down 7.49%, turnover of 2 billion 259 million yuan. Then 3 to close at $40.63 shares, down 0.93%, turnover of $1 billion 488 million, two shares have fallen by more than 8%, the market value fell to $about 8000000000. Prior to two months, LETV share price has been relatively stable, trading volume is also maintained at low. This share price fell, the music is not the first time, in June this year, after the resumption of the music market 6 trading days, the market value of more than 20 billion yuan, the share price fell by 22.51%. LETV was suspended for 6 months, the restructuring plan announced the acquisition of 9 billion 800 million yuan LETV pictures after. Then there are media fraudulent use of the "summer grass" in the name of released earnings questioned the article, LETV said in a statement that "has been reported, and the price drop, once again into the vortex of public opinion as the capital chain crisis. According to the twenty-first Century Economic News reported that, as the music has repeatedly been reported rumors of capital chain tension. Including the future investment in the United States Faraday arrears to the project project facing shutdown, music and music as national security because of unable to pay 2 billion yuan contract "lead to a break-up, LETV also financial payment license acquisition of bumpy road caused more sound questioned. But let the world shocked, since the media has issued a document that LETV suppliers owed about 10000000000 yuan, cause the price to fall, because the capital chain tension, start using delayed wages, stop shipments and other ways to raise cash flow. Happy network as a counterattack, LETV issued a "response" on the recent LETV false rumors said in a statement: the company’s business lines and suppliers are to maintain good relations of cooperation, business operation, does not exist in the case of a huge sum of money. Huge amount of money owed by the supplier, cause the price drop rumors have no basis in reality, is irresponsible to discredit rumors. However, according to the U.S. Automotive News reported that due to the arrears of the project, as music group chairman and CEO Jia Yueting in Nevada to invest $1 billion in the construction of a car factory facing downtime. Surging news reports mentioned that the U.S. media said, due to a $21 million project in September, the contractor.相关的主题文章: