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Li Ruigang: Murdoch is not the Chinese culture Chinese stock two system of Chinese culture Li Ruigang: I’m not China Murdoch Ruigang specifically recruited a 90 young people, every week to submit a report on the young people. He inserted an antenna for himself, received from the 90 or even two dimensional information of the world after 00. The | editor Li Biwen Ma Jiying Deng Pan | photography | Murdoch to Beijing in 2015, Mr Li asked him to eat Roasted Duck in Wangfujing. CEO Robert,, a news group in the conversation, said to Murdoch, "he (Li Ruigang) is called the Chinese" s "·"." Accept the "entrepreneur" in an interview with reporters Chinese Jializhongxin Chinese culture Beijing headquarters, Li Ruigang directly said, "I’m not China Murdoch." For the outside world has been given his name, in fact, the heart does not agree with Mr li. China’s environment will not appear Murdoch. Not to mention Murdoch’s achievement is now inaccessible for me, at least today, define yourself as China Murdoch that is a joke." Although often referred to as "Li", but with the role of the film does not anger from the Wei than the role, sitting opposite us, Li Ruigang rarely can make you feel. He is modest, direct, rarely shocking words, but in the Chinese culture industry, he is a can not ignore the benchmark figures. He is in the Shanghai media group (later renamed the Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group, referred to as "the Shanghai" or "SMG") served as president for ten years, leading the SMG Zhibofenli, size SMG integration, with blockbuster and the Oriental Pearl, and served as Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai municipal committee. Now, he manages hundreds of billions of funds of Chinese cultural investment platform. Three out of two within the system, business and official, these experiences let Li Ruigang have certain characteristics. He does not seem to belong to any group within the system, he is an official, to do a lot of market change; in investment circles, he is like most investors, not to talk about their own investment experience. Li Ruigang is standing in the middle of the intersection of investment circles and cultural circles, he tried to enter the path of investment and depth of operations, the layout of the upper and lower reaches of the industry chain, spell out a Chinese version of the "Disney"". Li Ruigang is getting closer to this goal. In October 2015, Mr Li of name card more than a title, Chinese cultural Holdings Group (with the Chinese cultural industry investment fund called the "Chinese culture", hereinafter referred to as the "Chinese culture") chairman. Starting from this point in time, Chinese culture has its two investment platform: Chinese cultural industry investment fund is the main financial investors, emphasis on the pursuit of financial returns, while Chinese culture holding group is mainly for long-term strategic investment, build on the industrial system. At present, Chinese cultural investment holding the midday sun, Siba culture, body aodongli, pictures, Lego (Chinese flagship Park), micro whales, and companies such as NextVR Jaunt. "Although the investment, but he was always a entrepreneur." One industry insiders commented. theory相关的主题文章: