Li Sheng on Gold crude oil on schedule to keep 49, the price of gold under the shock of the weak coscoqd

Li Sheng on Gold: crude oil on schedule to keep 49, the price of gold under the shock of the low volatility of the Sina fund exposure platform: the letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! There is no risk can not overcome the risk, there is no experience can not be able to experience fluctuations in the market, in the event of a complex and if one, and if the risk of Yi Yi, calm from the heart of the strong, calm is a positive judgment. Brother not to celebrate the victory, but to accompany you to overcome the difficulties. Is your brother laugh at you when you were over, but tired to death will take you back home, just like you and I met, not met when the best time, profit more than, but I met you is the best time of life, is to check for better profit. The disc plate is Oupodi rebound, the rebound in key everything, so familiar, seems a bit strange, after the Asian plate gold opened strong rise, many people see this thought to ambush pulled long, the bottom will be there, hurry to rush to catch more, and calm I chose the high altitude, and not because of the blind plate pulled to define the bull market. Europe, did not extend such rise after the refresh highs of 1261.5 position began to fall, one is very important, this fall is 1259, this position in Europe fell to 1256.5 line, 1260 rebound in the U.S. offer period directly to the empty one, gold will tell you the results down, see fell to 1254 line, even if the early morning strong rise to 1265, but still did not stop over me, stop and admission is not absolute, the stop is when the whole market fell after the significance of directional change, and not on the so-called 1262 damaged down depressed. Why repeated layout empty, but not for the more tempted this week, the price of gold to non-agricultural 1265 high pressure, repeated backlash would not stand on the low, constant downward fluctuation basically in 10-15 dollars, every day can effectively attack is once, seize the market is missing. The only other, from Monday to now a Golden Road arrangement rebound, big Yin behind the small cross K sideways, not a true bottom, the inflection point of the market will not wait for everyone on the train and then pull, not pulled dishes are powerless. At the same time, the interest rate will become the head of the knife does not fall, the defensive point did not break, all the data will provide technical services, as long as the market price does not buy it, all the data are not valuable, not because of the bad data Dumbledore to trade, but identify before the data support and resistance, never become data behind that a badly frightened person. To defend the 1265, not broken bearish now, did not change, continue to shock the fall, continue to hold the original Jiancang after an empty one, above the defense from 1265 down to 1262 points, as long as there is no station on this position, the main idea is to take advantage of a rebound height, loss of time in a way, the trend since September 26th, after the fall of相关的主题文章: