Light industry paper recovery custom furniture continued boom alienware m17x

Light industry: Paper Recovery custom furniture sustained high boom securities issued in September 8th Light Industry Research Report, the report is as follows: to improve the income of half light plate, net profit growth rebounded significantly, according to SWS industry classification, the first half of 2016 industrial sector 99 listed enterprises achieved a total operating income of 143 billion 300 million yuan, owned by the parent net profit of 8 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 8%, 28% growth over the same period last year increased by 1.9pct, 15.7pct, the two quarter revenue growth of 7.3%, owned by the parent net profit growth of 26.9%. Overall, the light industry sector revenue growth showed a steady rebound in the situation, while the net profit growth performance is more beautiful. Paper sub forum recovery stimulating effect on the light industry sector performance: light industry sector in 2016 reported profits of high growth and has scale factors, but mainly due to the fundamental improvement, especially the paper sector performance recovery significantly, large pull on the whole. In the first half of 2016, the revenue of the paper sector increased by 11% year on year, 8pct, which rose by only one in the first quarter of 13%, and in the first half of this year, the net profit of the parent company rose by an increase of 153% over the same period last year, which was significantly higher than that of the previous year in the same period of last year. Paper plate in the first half to benefit from the supply side reform, paper prices, plus the price of the paste, leading enterprises profit significantly improved. Considering the low slurry is mainly used in the second half of the year, the price of paper pulp price scissors bigger, better profitability is expected in the second half. The other plate is slightly dull, packaging sector earnings continued to worsen, although revenue growth is relatively stable, but the net profit growth fell significantly; furniture plate differentiation serious, custom furniture plate performance continue to maintain high growth, high degree of industry boom; product enterprise revenue and profit growth tends to downward. The overall profitability of the light industry has improved light industry in the first half of 2016 the overall gross margin increased by 1.4pct, compared with the same period last year to 25.9%; net interest rates rose to 7.6% 1.1pct, the paper plate; gross margin in the first half of 21.3%, rose 1.8pct; net profit margin of 5.1%, up nearly 3PCT; furniture sector consolidated gross margin of 35.3%, an increase of 2.7pct; the net interest rate of 9.6%, down 0.8pct; light industry sector fund positions in the market value of promotion institutions prefer high-quality stocks: 2016Q2 fund in light industry sector positions rose slightly compared with the first quarter, the market capitalization increased by approximately 26% (holding caliber). From the sub sector perspective, packaging and printing, furniture plate positions more obvious recovery. Stocks, the highest degree of approval of Sophia institutions, whether it is the number of positions or positions held by the market value is far ahead. Mei Ying Sen, QuMei Home Furnishing, C & S, extensive shares and other stocks and the number of the agency concerned positions have improved significantly. From the institutional point of view, the light industry sector chips increasingly concentrated in a small number of high-quality stocks. Investment advice: the advice point standard light plate, around the high growth and high, underestimate the value of change, merger transition direction of three main lines of the selection of the underlying type. Risk warning: macroeconomic weakness, custom furniture penetration rate of less than expected, the paper industry production capacity is less than expected, the cost of raw materials.相关的主题文章: