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Health If you are considering liposuction you need to be aware of your expectations before and after the surgery. It is very important that you get liposuction before and after information that of course includes pictures but also gives you a good idea of what you will expect both physically and mentally. It is very important to do your research before you make the final decision about your surgery. Liposuction is a surgical procedure where a doctor or surgeon uses tools to extract the fat out of certain parts of your body. Those areas can range from your chin down to your thighs. Think of the areas where fat tends to build up like the abdomen, your buttocks or your thighs. The doctor actually sucks the fat cells out with something that seems like a vacuum. This process leaves you trimmer in those areas. Unfortunately due to the coverage of Hollywood celebrities and the "Barbie" look they all seem to get many people have unrealistic expectations of how they will look after the surgery. How to Get Realistic Expectations Liposuction before and after information is best supplied to you by your doctor. However you also want to make sure that you balance that information with objective information from outside your doctor’s office. Most doctors are going to show you their best work you need to know what are the possible risks and .plications before the surgery. A good place to find various opinions about the topic of liposuction is on the internet but be sure to confirm anything you find with a professional. You then want to have a good, detailed discussion with your doctor. Ask your doctor any questions or concerns that you may have. Be sure that you are in a situation where you can calmly listen to what he or she is saying. You may hear something that you hadn’t thought of that may change your decision to have the surgery or not to have the surgery. Liposuction Before And After Pictures The best way to determine what to physically expect after liposuction is to look at some liposuction before and after pictures of patients who have had the surgery performed. This can be from your doctor but you can also find them online. A simple way is to query the images section of Google. You can use these to .pare to the liposuction before and after photos from your doctor. Using both to .pare you can potentially pinpoint questions that you want to ask your doctor about how you specifically want the surgery to .e out. He can then tell you whether that is realistic or not. Be sure that your doctor takes these liposuction before and after pictures of you. You will then be able to see your progress. Typically they are taken before the surgery and then right after and again a few months after. One of the main visual .plaints of patients after the surgery is the excess skin that can result from having the fat sucked out of that area. The problem of excess skin can be helped by creams and exercises but as we age the elasticity of our skin decreases so it may be hard for the skin to regain it’s tightness. If you really are unhappy there are other surgeries like tummy tucks that can get rid of the excess skin. In that case some scarring may be involved. How you feel before and after liposuction is another area of concern. Usually before going through surgeries like these you will need to be cleared by your primary care physician who may refer you to a psychologist. You need to be able to deal with why you are choosing to have this surgery and what the possible issues may be if you are disappointed with the results. Now that you know that there is more to liposuction before and after information than just pictures you can go to your doctor with a list of questions. Armed with the answers you can then move forward with your decision for or against your liposuction surgery. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: