Lol large heroes update multiple teams while working to speed up progress

LOL large hero update multiple teams operating at the same time to speed up the progress of the official update yesterday said the new blog, so that the designer Reav3 before we talked of "hero updates", let the hero team understand update better game player. At present, we have 4 Heroes: two update team focused on large-scale heroes, a focus on the type of update and a focus on the art map updates (including internal and outsourcing) responsible for the outdated. I will discuss in detail the objectives and recent work of the four update teams in the future. But for the sake of clarity, we temporarily call them team A, team B, team and team to update the original class update. The project team recently updated category – mage similar to update our goals and update master before class update, give some mage low maneuverability each other different play, want to give them the flexibility in the League of legends king in the world a survival tool. Given the results of previous projects, we have decided to place greater emphasis on cohesion, which means that we must ensure that these changes are in line with their theme. Mage update is based on six major changes to the master, we can see a lot of wizards in this update has been significantly improved, they are the big winners. We do not think that before the update and update master classes have a great impact, especially lowicz intensity is clearly not enough, in the recent change in him back to the similar gameplay and more strategic significance (real damage), but we think the work makes it a big step forward. We also think we should reduce the number of changes to the mage, so that we can focus on more work. If we can completely redo some hero strokes, Martha Zaha should be more healthy, he will be more cool. The current project – Assassin update our goal is to give each update the assassin assassin character, which makes the whole class in a healthy position, so there are more ways to help the hero’s own team. We also believe that the assassin can really embody the skill in this game. We hope they have great potential, but the superior strength of the assassins also have the opportunity to be defeated. Ryan Garr, Tyrone, Le Fran and Katerina will be updated when the assassin’s four main hero changes. And we change the security strategy for the mage is different, there is a great difference in the assassin changes, we want to play the role of these themes and further. We found that the majority of our project time and resources are devoted to the success of the project, the assassin updates, we are not "what can improve the hero", but "how can we make the hero more perfect". This means that we have to undertake fewer projects, but each project has a greater impact. We would also like to make some minor changes to most of the assassin heroes, but we hope that the main projects work more, and I am glad to see that the new strategy can be successful. The original update team team is mainly focused on the original update our outdated art map updating, and then create new artwork, we master the update also do some cool original update. Recent projects include silk Tatiana, Cui trundle)相关的主题文章: