Long march seven in February next year, the factory will be sent to the first day of the ship to the www.xxsy.net

Long march seven February next year, the factory will send " one day boat No. " in space – Sohu Military Channel Beijing Zhuhai in October 30, China: Aerospace Science and technology group a long march seven rocket commander Wang Xiaojun said in Zhuhai on 30 may, under a mission "long seven" component products ready, ongoing assembly work. The Eleventh China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition will be held in Zhuhai. Wang Xiaojun, 30, in Zhuhai to accept the interview with this reporter expressed. "Long March seven" is a new generation of medium – sized two – stage liquid bound launch vehicle. The total length of 53.1 meters, core diameter of 3.35 meters, a single booster diameter of 2.25 meters, the rocket took off about 593 tons of quality. It is mainly used to launch the near earth orbit or the sun synchronous orbit payload, can put 13.5 tons of payload into the near earth orbit, or will be the payload of 5.5 tons into the solar orbit of 700 km. Long march seven successfully completed the first flight test in June 2016. Wang Xiaojun said that the rocket first flight after the results of the analysis shows that the rocket flight process is very normal, successful, laid a good foundation for the next task. According to China’s manned space program has been disclosed in the first half of 2017, intends to use the long march seven to send the day boat one cargo spacecraft lifted. Wang Xiaojun said that the implementation of the task of the long march seven is expected to complete the assembly in January, with the factory conditions in February, and in accordance with the plan in the first half of the optional delivery of the day boat one".相关的主题文章: