Love the most concerned about the value of high and low constellation (Figure) yezimei

Love the most attention when Yan value sign (Figure) love the most attention value constellation stars Yan – Star factory today and we want to discuss this topic, it may lead to condemning (serious face); but please pay attention to the baby "just look at the sign, the value is not equal to the requirements of" Yan "high color value". That is to say, we are going to check, and not "judge" sign, but "the most attention Yan value constellation, the difference between the two is probably much larger than you think! As for the difference in what, let Xiaobian secrecy, please sign the baby together to find answers in the back in the body! Please refer to the sun and rising signs): Leo: the underlying reasons: the value of the color itself is not a problem, but the color value can determine and affect too many things, can not be ignored. Leos are the 12 signs, is not the most "Yimaoquren" that etc.. However, it is surprising that this constellation of people in the choice of lovers, will really put the value of the high and low in the first place. But this is not to say that the lion is pure appearance of the party, only that they think too well: firstly, Yan high value partner with people or go home to meet my parents, I would very face, otherwise you may need to answer various droller problems, it will make them crazy; secondly, if your partner face value is high, get along with each other when undoubtedly will have a pleasant feeling, and this feeling is certainly conducive to two people; again, and high value Yan people love, people always look at their own high one, which is very important to love face is the last thing the lion; the lion, because love is a hope on hammer set Jiangshan, so to find a high quality gene can contribute to the future value of Yan partner, love crystallization, is also very important! Second: Taurus potential reasons: aesthetic requirements is very high, hope every day and "good to hear or see" partner together, otherwise it will be uncomfortable. Taurus people are also very concerned about the value of the lover. Because of this constellation of people are quite demanding for the aesthetic, to daily use of belongings, to car buyers, they may ignore important details for a lot of people, and of their own hearts, particularly concerned about the external characteristics of a "point", an endless tangle. It is worth mentioning that even Taurus will admit that their entanglements may sometimes seem a little strange, often do not meet the general standards of the outside world. But no way, not money, Taurus is so capricious! So when this tendency is reflected in the love, will be reflected in the eyes of the Taurus "Yan high value" in the eyes of others may not agree; but Taurus don’t care what others think! Awl face? Too false! Dai Mei pupil? Vulgar vulgar! As the saying goes, "the daughter is difficult to buy a good heart". Taurus heart of high color value, often against the trend. It is true that a lot of people are difficult to detect Taurus is actually a real sense of control, probably the reason is here! Third: Sagittarius potential reasons: not as the value of the choice of the standard of love, but the attitude of the lovers, really can not help.相关的主题文章: