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Love warms more than 30 Henan Dengfeng mountains elderly hi collar Mid Autumn Festival ceremony – Beijing, people love to go door to door to give gifts to each of the hands of the elderly. Wu Mingming photo Beijing, September 14 Zhengzhou Xinhua (reporter menjiedan) in September 14th, the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, once in the period of Anti Japanese war western "eight army rear hospital" and the famous Bai Ya Village in Dengfeng city of Henan Province, more than 30 elderly people living alone, received people love mid Autumn Festival blessing and gift. Remote and secluded village because of the arrival of the loving and caring people. Dengfeng City, Xu Zhen Bai Ya village is located in the hillside above the wall, surrounded by mountains, the village was in the period of Anti Japanese War the eight army rear hospital "is famous. The village of the old man said, there were nearly 400 people in the village, but now young people either to settle outside the mountains, or to work in the field, and now only more than 30 elderly. The old stone house, the high and low stone path, the thin old people, the scene and some of the modern life. 14, some local enterprises and loving caring people came and broke the silence of the remote villages. The messenger of love to walk in the village of stone on the road, and the moon cakes, rice pudding and other gifts, Hanging noodles have been delivered to the hands of the elderly living alone, and send warm greetings. "Do not know, but also think of me, are good people ah!" The more than and 70 year old Wanglaotai pulled people love hand in an effort to invite him to the house to sit. "I’ll put the moon cake and the presents here for you, and then we’ll come back to the rest of the house." Love the person in charge of the company Sun Jifeng smiled and handed a gift, and the old man had to go to the next hello. Every one, love people will be affectionate and old people pull home, send blessings. See the old man’s face happy smile, people who participate in the activities of the people feel very rewarding. "Didn’t know these old people, a few days ago to take pictures here, accidentally discovered them, see the village is quiet, the heart is not the taste, the Mid Autumn Festival, want to send condolences condolences to them, warm, let more life in the village." Organize the warmth activities of caring people Kang Xiaonao said: "to organize and participate in such activities is their own luck, especially thanks to many businesses involved in love, with practical action to help more people in need. Hope that through this kind of love activities can affect more people, forming a positive energy and pass on." (end)相关的主题文章: