Major general China should make great efforts to do a good job at any time to prepare for war – Sohu

General: China should be ready for War Power Aesthetics – Sohu military channels do a world power, should be the teacher in the United States to China rival layout a "low-level trap" how to look at the United States to promote the South China Sea arbitration and "Sade" into South Korea’s intention and efforts, especially its China strategic plan, different people will there are different judgments. With the outbreak of the financial crisis, the United States in order to save the face of the global "Hello I better" "rising" strategy, to "I don’t want you more good is not good" "out" strategy, through to China, including other manufacturing difficulties to the development of geo hysteresis and make the world stand again. The tide. Understanding these backgrounds is critical to our understanding of American behavior. For example, had been shelved for more than 40 years of Sino Japanese Diaoyu Islands Dispute in 2012 suddenly surfaced? This is obviously the 2011 negotiations half a year and 2012 years of junior high school in Japan and South Korea FTA success on a currency swap agreement. If Japan and South Korea in Northeast Asia FTA formation, an economy the size of $20 trillion will appear and become the third largest economy in the world. The economy will then quickly move south, West, and north to a larger area. The main problem facing it then will be the choice of which currency is the settlement currency for a large internal trade. The euro or the dollar? No, it’s RMB. With the existing strength, China has enough strength to allow the RMB to become Asian settlement currency. Once the renminbi becomes a regional currency in Asia, the world’s currency will show three points of the world: the dollar, the euro, the yuan. For the United States, 13 of the dollar hegemony is also called hegemony? The United States is not the dollar hegemony is also called the United States? Therefore, the United States will not tolerate the emergence of a free trade zone in Northeast Asia, which is why the critical moment out of the Diaoyu Islands Dispute, the destruction of the Northeast Asia FTA prospects. The spoiler in Northeast Asia Free Trade Zone, the United States does not close hand. In April 2012, the Philippines Huangyan island dispute surfaced, then continues today called Nanhai arbitration, its purpose is to make the ASEAN countries produce centrifugal tendency to China, alienate the ASEAN "10+3" mechanism, paving the way for the United States to promote TPP. Northeast Asia FTA negotiations stranded, we turned to the establishment of China ROK fta. If China and South Korea FTA mess, means to the United States led TPP scored a wedge. Americans can’t see that. So the Americans are now pushing "Sade" into korea. Of course, we strongly oppose this, because it is clearly aimed at China and russia. But once South Korea on the issue of losing leeway is likely to lead to China ROK FTA to quit, let the Americans once again. Right now, the world is facing the dollar index cycle law of the third "16 year cycle". Looking back, the first 16 years of the cycle is from the Latin American economic prosperity to the financial crisis in Latin America, the American first water gate again, to provide sufficient liquidity to the capital chain to create prosperity in Latin America in the wealth into capital flows to the United States, severely cut a Latin American wool. Then in 1986 to in the second years of the cycle, the United States of America in the 16.相关的主题文章: