Manifesting Your Intuition Learn To Know, Like And Trust Your

Health Manifesting your intuition requires not only listening to outer messages, but listening to inner messages as well. You perhaps have many personal as well as business reasons why you wish to tap into your intuition and get to know, like and trust your intuition. What is intuition? Intuition is a flash of insight that .es when the mind is relaxed. It is a knowingness within that seeks to be utilized. We be.e aware of synchronicities when we have tapped into our intuition. We may even feel that we have a kind of psychic touch to our decision-making process. Some may call intuition the voice of the soul. Intuition is a kind of spontaneous hook-up to a higher source of information, feeling and knowingness that .es from a place other than our mind or our brain. Manifesting intuition is heightened when we work to continually raise our consciousness and when we free our consciousness from mental clutter and negativities. Imagine the infinite benefits of being able to tap into and utilize your intuition! You will experience a flash of truth or information that will seem to have .e from somewhere other than your mental process. It will be information that you are inwardly prompted to utilize in some way. If you are interested in manifesting your intuition, read the following message. Imagine that it has been posted on your inner bulletin board by your own intuition. You must not look for intuition; intuition flashes into your awareness from outside your mind. The personality of intuition is illusive, spontaneous and likes to surprise those upon whom it makes visitations. It .es in a flash, unasked, and requests only that the receiver follow through with the visionary gift that was received. Intuition expects the receiver to be looking the other way so it can sneak in the door and surprise the receiver with a bolt-of-lightning kind of truth. The receiver picks up and deciphers the truth, which makes immediate and total sense. From merely a drop of intuition light, cast upon the foreground of the receivers awareness, the receiver gets the whole picture in a fraction of a second. Intuition and intuitive knowledge does not .e from the conscious mind or even from the subconscious mind. The realm of intuition is far above and beyond the minds region. Intuition is consciousness outside the boundaries of the physical mind. Whenever you get a flash of truth from the intuitive plane, you do not need to use the mind to verify whether or not it is the truth; intuition sees the truth. I hope you are learning to know like and trust me now. Signed: Your Own Intuition If you were a visionary, you would probably be highly intuitive. Intuition is the carrier of your vision-message. You will be manifesting your intuition when you follow through and take action regarding your vision-message, allowing it to be.e a reality. The more you manifest your intuition, the more you receive flashes of intuition. Intuition is a highly valued gift that we have been given to help us live our lives for the highest good of all involved. Try to keep your consciousness high. Stay in your heart and not your limiting mind. Set your intention to be aware of intuitive flashes and follow through when intuition knocks. Intuition cannot be forced; allow it to happen so you can be.e receptive to its messages. Give intuition your silence-time. The more you learn to know, like and trust your intuition, the more you will be manifesting intuition. It will visit you and reward you with its Vision-Truth messages. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: