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The Mid Autumn Festival holiday destination of the most intuitive security experience here – the Sohu went to the car once a year the Mid Autumn Festival, family reunion buddies enjoy the moon, began to Zouqinfangyou, eager to meet the Fockers. In the Mid Autumn Festival, "Guangzhou Honda 2016 new Lingpai advanced drive experience camp" Beijing Railway Station kicked off on September 17th in Beijing, four seasons Youth Theme Park test organized by the customer, held in September 19th the media field of advanced safety test drive in Beijing Cuteway Syed Hotel, in order to more consumers to bring more comprehensive and more safety test drive experience passion. Nowadays consumers in the pursuit of speed and passion, but often ignore the importance of driving safety. In order to ultra high security features to enhance people’s safety awareness and experience Lingpai, Guangzhou Honda specifically in a number of new city held Lingpai advanced test drive experience camp in front of multi station consumers experience Lingpai safety at the same time, also learn more knowledge of safe driving, good continuous rating! The new Lingpai advanced drive experience camp mainly in the "super atom," as the theme, simulation consumers often encounter in daily use such as driving uphill start, change lanes, emergency brake, slalom high-speed multiple scenes. Lingpai with its unique HSA ramp start assist system, LWC blind spot display system, ESS emergency brake warning system, VSA vehicle stability control system for safety science and technology rich experience, has incomparable safe driving control. At the same time, the passive safety facilities Paichao Ling high strength ACE body advanced compatibility with a full range of body structure, also for the occupants to add a peace of mind. The test drive will be divided into hump bridge driving, lane changing, driving on slippery roads, emergency brake snake around the pile, and other aspects of space. Hump bridge simulation is the uphill start or slope payment, under normal circumstances, the situation is not only to put on the brakes, but also to the parking brake, novice driver will be very nervous, so confused, causing accidents. For the design of HSA driver Lingpai slope close starting auxiliary system, even if accidentally released the brakes, the car will remain stationary on the slopes of 1-2 seconds, then to oil can continue to climb the slope, easy to worry a lot. A big change is the drivers driving in pain, even seasoned old driver also has the accident in road hazards, this is because the vehicle on the right side there is a big blind spot, so a lot of road accident is caused by the driver did not notice the blind spots and. Ling faction is the same level of the first equipped with LWC blind spot display system models, it can greatly reduce the blind spot, right rearview mirror angle by 20 degrees to 80 degrees, and the image real-time control to display the complete elimination of the right rear blind spot, more safe and convenient traffic environment. A wet road braking practice project is one of many consumers must experience, a lot of people in the face of danger, do not know how to brake, also can not judge the braking distance, often due to brake too late and accidents. Here, the coach will teach you how to judge the braking distance and braking.相关的主题文章: