Ministry of environmental protection Beijing haze governance to accurate vehicle pollution dingxiangwuyuetian

The Ministry of environmental protection: Beijing haze governance to the precise force of motor vehicle pollution in the Department of environmental protection special meeting held in 10, Minister Chen Jining recently, Tianjin and surrounding areas of air pollution situation in Beijing City, in particular, to further increase the focus on regional supervision, precise force, strengthen motor vehicle pollution control, speed up the old yellow car and out of control, heavy trucks and other mobile sources. Chinese environmental monitoring station provides news, 11 ~13 days, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region south may be a moderate to severe pollution, affecting Beijing, Shijiazhuang, the city may include Baoding, Tangshan, Heze, Taiyuan, Jinzhong city. 14 affected by cold air, the pollution situation eased slightly. Half a day to 17 days after 15 days, may appear again to severe pollution in the process of Beijing Tianjin Hebei South Central and Western Shandong and Northern Henan. 18, 2009, affected by the new round of cold air, the regional diffusion conditions gradually improved from north to south. Chen Jining pointed out that Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding areas of industrial structure, energy structure and traffic patterns, such as regional air pollution prevention and control of long-term, arduous, complex. Beijing to further increase the intensity of key areas of supervision, precise force, strengthen motor vehicle pollution control, accelerate the elimination of yellow cars and old cars, to control heavy trucks and other mobile sources of pollution. The problems found in the supervision of the public in a timely manner to respond to social concerns. The environmental protection department statistics, the recent heavy pollution weather, Beijing PM2.5 concentration can be increased by more than and 100 micrograms in 4 to 6 hours, including nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds content is high, and is closely related to motor vehicle emissions. Shortly before the special inspectors found that in Beijing, the pollution problem of heavy duty diesel vehicles and vehicle age long light vehicle more prominent, vehicle age more than 10 years of vehicle emissions exceed the standard rate is higher, the taxi running mileage of more than 300 thousand kilometers exceed the standard rate of 80%-90%; the field to Beijing vehicle pollution is serious, more than 50% Beijing or transit in the field of heavy vehicles unable to reach the car emission level, these vehicles per vehicle emissions equivalent to more than and 200 vehicles in four cars. Some experts pointed out that in recent years, due to the positive governance, the number of reasons and contributions to the formation of a number of local PM2.5 has changed, the need to amend the emergency plan. Beijing should increase the disposal of motor vehicle pollution during the emergency period. Chen Jining also stressed at the meeting topic, this winter and spring is the key period of the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, all localities should improve forecasting capabilities, overall planning, detailed warning plan, constantly sum up, improve the level of response to heavy pollution weather, to ensure that the emergency measures put in place. (reporter Cao Ying) responsible editor: Li Liangliang相关的主题文章: