Ministry of Finance issued a document to promote local public budgets and final accounts not less op hyuna

The Ministry of Finance issued by the local public budget: not less public open China securities network according to the supervision and inspection found problems, the Ministry of Finance released 24 days notice, further deployment of local public budgets and work. Requirements in addition to involving state secrets should be open matters, shall not be less open, not open, and will strengthen supervision and inspection and earnestly implement the responsibility system, found together, exposure together, correct together. According to Xinhua News Agency reported on September 24th, by the end of 2015, the Ministry of Finance for the first time in the country organized a local budget in 2015 and the final accounts of the special inspection of the situation in 2014. The results show that as of October 31, 2015, more than 250 thousand provinces and cities involved in the inspection of the county level budget units in, there are 36638 units were not disclosed in the sector budget in 2015, the 56481 units did not disclose the final accounts of the Department in 2014. Because of the provisions of the public sector is not more than the budget report was criticized. "Active public awareness is not strong, the main responsibility is poor, not many public sector budget and final accounts of the budget, there has been open to different extent enough refinement, time lag, open channels are not standardized" — "on the release of the notice" to do the local budget and final public work, the Ministry of Finance pointed out again some prominent problems existing in public place budget. Ministry of Finance proposed in the notice to the rule of law and governance, and actively improve the long-term mechanism of public accounts. For the further implementation of budget public responsibility, local financial departments at all levels and all departments should strictly enforce the "budget law", firmly establish the concept of public law, enhance public initiative consciousness, earnestly fulfill the responsibility of the public, do a solid job in budget public work. Based on the existing public channels, local financial departments at or above the county level to establish a unified platform for public budgets, from 2017 onwards will be the level of government budget, department budget and final accounts on the platform to focus the public, to facilitate public supervision and inspection. Improve the budget and final accounts open assessment system. The budget and final accounts open into the scope of the local financial sector performance appraisal, strengthen functional departments and related personnel responsibilities. Ministry of finance to establish an assessment mechanism, the local budget and final accounts open to the central government to the local financial work assessment system. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of the work of the budget and final accounts, earnestly implement the accountability system. On the problems found in the inspection, should be found together, exposure together, corrected together, layers of conductive pressure, and the situation in a timely manner to the government information disclosure work department report. Does not fulfill disclosure obligations in accordance with the law, not according to the provisions of the public budget, to suggest the supervision authorities in accordance with the "budget law", "government information disclosure regulations" provisions, held directly responsible personnel in charge and other persons directly liable. On 2015 the local public budgets and special inspection requirements, local financial departments at all levels to carefully control the "budget law" and the relevant documents of the central provisions of each screening, should be open to the public to supervise the public department immediately in accordance with the law, not all public elements to urge the Department to supplement public, open form is not standard to supervise the departments using standard open form. At the same time, the requirements of local theory相关的主题文章: