[month] in winter to stop the HA son Hot pot – Sohu and exit safe mode

[month] in winter to stop the HA son Hot pot – Sohu after eating at the Lake City Square here opened a new store located in the D area Hot pot, square, and ABC areas are separated, across a road, opposite carrefour. Ha son the name of that person should mean it is a fool, read three times, and the Wuhan dialect is very similar, down to earth’s name, Chongqing time-honored ha son Hot pot seemingly opened 30 years. Restaurant is located on the two floor, take the elevator straight on the left hand side you can see very eye-catching signs, the door is also decorated with a few birds, and store the parrot is complement each other, environment layout very elegant simplicity, what is love ~ tableware is also very unique, chopsticks are made of bamboo is very long, convenient clip pot dish ~ seasoning sauce buffet table very rich, basic desire, in addition to ice powder and Cherry Tomatoes grapes and other fruits, recommended ice powder, and is also a Hot pot feel very authentic ~ menu: we ordered a Yuanyang pot, the pot is really beautiful, spicy soup over dry ice out of the lingering fantastic results. Plus other small monkey butter, really let me very excited appearance Association, according to a stop, haha ~ after dry ice finish start heating, the little monkey is slowly melting and red soup One declared dead ~ bottom price of 48 yuan, think it is acceptable, much higher than a Hot pot shop KITTY butter pot 88 yuan price, is said to be the twelve animal, an animal will change every year, still very creative. The quality of the dishes are very good, the most expensive dish BABY snow beef 98 yuan, other food prices are not expensive. But this dish is really nice and delicious, very full weight. Fixed body BABY doll with ice, and beef is her clothes, in fact we ate bullying in help her to take off her clothes.. In addition, duck liver, duck and so on are featured here, but there is no time to duck, only next time try ~ recommend Chongqing flavor ribs, is really more cooking more tasty, spicy soup is very delicious ~ in the left Jin is also very delicious, a cow only two catties part.. I don’t know what is the site, delicious line ~ loach in very Hot pot fresh, visceral thorn like also are taken out, eliminating the trouble can spit thorn, ate ~ shrimp slippery taste good, is a spiral shape ware inside the package ~ cheese cheese is really very strong Yu, drawing can be very long, but the taste is not only taking pictures.. The crisp is just blown out, but I eat the pure fat, or a little greasy, taste is not bad ~ and other beef tongue not 11 to say ~ from pea seedlings recommended vegetable dish, always love peas fragrance, the container is also very distinctive! Tofu is also recommended for firewood, hot pot can cook very tasty, soup pot can be very refreshing ~ drink plum juice, the container is very domineering, there may be a lemon or peppermint, very spicy ~ staple food to leaf cake, cake is frozen steamer, Chongqing snack ~ overall good price, the taste is very authentic, spicy point is not heavy, not feel particularly salty.相关的主题文章: