More than 80% Han have history of plastic girl you dare to ask (video) remonstrate

More than 80% Han have history of plastic girl you dare to ask? Cosmetic beauty gradually became the hearts of the people become the most efficient way to red, it is said that more than 80% of the Han have plastic or cosmetic history. For the United States, the fight! Lee Min Ho high school is the eyelid, "meteor garden" era of changes outside the double cheek; was more obvious, now is not only a thin face, nose becomes super pretty, suspected "fix face". Users found his ear missing a corner, he cut it with certainty that the cartilage nose pad. The beauty of the birth of cosmetic cosmetic position with the South Korean actress hit drama from the stars you fire "and" the return of the national goddess Gianna Jun really done? Take a closer look out of the goddess of the primary school, according to the junior high school, the goddess of the overall profile has not changed much. When Gianna Jun did not show a strong gas beauty sexy, but is still fresh and simple and cute. In fact, the goddess does face a knife, the goddess admitted. South Korea’s plastic surgery website has carried out the best beauty nose actress selection activities, the results of the sassy girl was elected to the beauty of beauty in the hearts of the absolute advantage of the nose. The unadjusted Gianna Jun nose meat, stereo sense is not strong, but the eyes of the goddess also trimmed. But I have to say that Gianna Jun has a good foundation. Comeback of South Korea’s first beauty, Kim Hee Sun, in his personal home page released a photo of her daughter’s research, the majority of users on the two CF, more sure that Kim Hee Sun is a veritable plastic beauty. Oh, your daughter sold you. Han Ji Hye because of the TV series "Summer Scent" after the 18 year old bride "emerge," familiar to the audience. She in the past, single eyelids, a high degree of identification. But now it is a whole face of the public, the youth is not, is to change the rhythm of it, like Zheng Shuang. Full 2 female Han Eun Jeong in 2012 to do a double fold deepen. After being questioned because of cosmetic skin poisoning caused by eye. In 2011, she participated in the blue dragon award ceremony, the huge changes in the eyes of the audience by the South Korean audience. And before the comparison of stills, guess she made eye "silkworm plastic surgery", the eyes look swollen, almost like Garfield. Heavy attack, Chae Yeon’s theory of evolution is amazing. This is really inspirational. Chae Yeon now looks like a small cat like the lovely, especially a double eye smile, great personality, the original personality can also be acquired to create artificial ah. South Korean actress Lee Da Hae since 2001 after the debut of "smile Chunhyang" then rely on "Kao Fairy" fame, and plays the female lead in the "My Girl" girl next door in the image and popularity. Because many years ago, the students were dug up, was questioned facelift. Coupled with the previous period to attend the Shanghai Film Festival, because of the face and before there is a big change, many users questioned its facelift. Just finished the whole volume in "Jin Sanshun" when Jung Ryeowon is cute, now she will wear the cheek faster without. The whole skin feels very relaxed. Cai Lin, in China appeared in many television dramas, such as "love for love", "Kangxi" the secret history of the sea. Cai Lin started his nose is very obvious, but later revised it, when the nose is really.相关的主题文章: