Multi media announced the 2016mars innovation and entrepreneurship contest officially launched – Soh-ravbin

Many cattle media announced 2016MARS innovation contest officially launched the Sohu of science and technology in August 25th Beijing cattle interactive media Limited by Share Ltd (Code: 835998, hereinafter referred to as the "cattle media") announced the 2016 annual MARS Innovation Contest (hereinafter referred to as the "MARS competition") was officially launched. The world in the seed stage, the growth stage of the innovation and entrepreneurial team, can be through official channels (mars.marstmt), channel partners for the entries. Through the audition, get to participate in the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals. The full schedule will last 3 months, the entire process of free open to entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs will provide support services, including advocacy, training, technology, finance, legal and other types of entrepreneurship. Qualify for the finals of the team will get a professional packaging, by the well-known entrepreneurs to participate in training, a full range of media publicity and other resources, and ultimately face by the top 13 investors, entrepreneurs composed of the strongest jury. Innovation and entrepreneurship contest MARS initiated by more cattle media began in 2012, aims to select outstanding entrepreneurial team, by giving entrepreneurs most in need of traffic grooming, industry relations, communication ability, financing assistance and other resources, to help them get approval, capital market success. In the past three games, there are nearly 50 cities participating in the team, more than more than and 80 well-known investment institutions, more than 100 professional investors to participate in the competition. Competition has emerged, the rain doctor 3Glasses, remember, foot ball, big star network, accountant Nuona venture enterprises. Winning project financing totaled more than 2 billion 500 million yuan. MARS competition in the game, the scale of investment, support, professional ability, range of industries, such as the number of entries, has become China’s most influential business competition, forming a perfect entrepreneur selection, incubation and display platform. 2016MARS contest on the basis of summing up the experience of the past three games on the top floor. Cooperation mechanism strong rich resources in this competition more than the previous lineup. Through the establishment of the sponsor, CO sponsored, contributing partners, strategic partners and other components of the system of cooperation, set up a consists of more than 100 investment institutions, 100 businesses, 100 entrepreneurs, investors, the 100 media of MARS strategic alliance, offers a wide range of industry resources for good business who. MARS contest of the strongest lineup of judges, the strongest board of directors, said. 2016MARS finals judges will be composed of 13 senior entrepreneurs, investors, they are chairman Chen Yizhou, chairman Hua Yong, perfect world network technology CEO Xiao Wang, founder of CEO Zhang Rui, the rain doctor god mutual entertainment CEO Zhu ye, chairman Zhu Blued, founder of the Humber business friendly founder CEO Geng Le, chairman of Wang Le media, Chinese Academy of sciences more cattle innovation incubator investment company (hereinafter referred to as the National Science Innovation) general manager Jiang Lei, general manager of Kang Peiqiang, President of Kang Hengyuan capital venture deep North China Liu Gang, keishing Pan Shijian, Sequoia Capital partners.相关的主题文章: