Nanjing City Road, a prominent bazooka the driver said the wrong (video)

Nanjing City Road, a prominent "bazooka" the driver said the wrong Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Mou Xia Wang Rui) recently, Jiangdong Road Education Television in front of a heavy tractor front north stop Lane in Jiangdong Road, was captain of the Nanjing police five brigade tactical squadron Sun Jianhui found. According to the driver explained that he was transported from Shanghai to Nanjing pipeline Shimonoseki pier, night due to unfamiliar road, into the five brigade area. The cargo is just making good storage tank, no contents. The front is a pedestrian bridge, worried that the goods high, parked on the roadside not retreat. While police investigated the time when the morning rush hour, to be able to get the passing vehicles and pedestrians, ensure traffic safety, the captain sun immediately transferred to other police placed cones, in the vehicle and arrange the police tips at the end of the car guide. Because the car is special vehicles, long, wide, high, parked on the roadside there are security risks, to dispose of the car brigade cadres on-site command, measurement of vehicle and goods contained in size, busy most of the day, the temporary parking of vehicles at Caochangmen Avenue subway facilities in the workshop. At the same time, the brigade ordered owners replacement area traffic procedures. The car driver without a license plate, break the box, illegally parked with a fine of 400 yuan, recorded 18 points. Here, five traffic police brigade in to remind the driver, according to the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" provisions of article forty-eighth, motor vehicle carrying overloaded articles which cannot be dismantled, affecting traffic safety, traffic management departments of public security organs shall be designated according to the time, route and speed, hanging signs. Extended video (this video has nothing to do with the original, for reference only) parking the truck driver forgot to pull the handbrake! With a large truck body file!

南京市区路面上突出一只“火箭炮” 驾驶员称走错了 现代快报讯(通讯员 牟霞 记者 王瑞)近日,江东北路教育电视台门前,一辆重型半挂牵引车头南尾北停在江东北路机动车道上,被南京交警五大队机动中队中队长孙建辉发现。据司机解释称,他是从上海运送管道至南京下关码头的,夜间由于道路不熟,误入五大队管区。所载货物为刚制造好的储存罐,没有内容物。由于前面是人行天桥,担心货物超高,便停在路边进退不得。交警查处时正值早高峰,为不妨得过往车辆及行人通行、确保交通安全,孙队长立即调来其他民警在车辆周边摆锥筒、并安排民警在车尾提示引导。因该车为特种车辆,超长、超宽、超高,停放于路边存在安全隐患,为妥善处置该车,大队干部现场指挥,测量车辆及所载物品尺寸,冒雨忙了大半天,最后将车辆临时停放在草场门大街地铁施工场地内。同时,大队责令车主补办禁区通行手续。该车驾驶员因未悬挂号牌、闯禁区、违停被合并罚款400元、记18分。在此,交警五大队在提醒广大驾驶人,根据《中华人民共和国道路交通安全法》第四十八条规定,机动车运载超限的不可解体的物品,影响交通安全的,应当按照公安机关交通管理部门指定的时间、路线、速度行驶,悬挂明显标志。扩展视频(本视频与原文无关,仅作参考) 卡车司机停车忘拉手刹!用身体档大货车!相关的主题文章: