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National level: gas gathering strong foundation to the core values of soul poly gas condensate strong foundation — nine on General Secretary Xi Jinping governance of new ideas and new achievements "to foster and promote the socialist core values and core values of the soul, as the soul of poly gas condensate, the process of strong base solid foundation." Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau of collective study said, it pointed out that the socialist core values in administering the important fundamental role in politics. The eighteen big party put forward the concept of socialist core values for the first time, and put forward the specific content of 24 words: prosperity, democracy, civilization, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, the rule of law, patriotism, dedication, integrity and friendship. The socialist core values embodies the fundamental value orientation of socialist essence, reflects the common people of all nationalities accepted values of the "greatest common divisor", which is advanced and national unification. The socialist core values are the fundamental guarantee of adhering to the Chinese road, the moral standards and values of all Chinese people pursuing the dream, and the indispensable spiritual food for all Chinese struggling for the realization of the Chinese dream. "Where do we come from?" Where are we heading for?" To realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we must establish a firm core values, and must base ourselves on the fine traditional Chinese culture. We must never abandon tradition, throw away the fundamental, and cut off our spiritual lifeblood. It is a matter of national long-term stability to advocate, advocate and carry forward socialist core values. Need to see, in the Chinese social transformation now, social ideology and value orientation show a diversity of characteristics or tendency, lost faith, moral decline, distorted values and so on "the spirit of calcium" phenomenon exists in the different sectors of society, causing some vague history, see now. That no future. Faced with this reality, general secretary Xi Jinping stressed that nurture and promote the socialist core values, the soul of the nation struggle poly condensate, ambition, great teaching, encouraging spirit, greatly inspired the people of all ethnic groups in china. Xi general secretary also stressed that the young generation should be like "fasten the first button" as well, lay a good foundation of life, from now on, from their own start, so that the socialist core values become their basic compliance. Inculcate inspires young generation, call them to participate in the reform and innovation in high and vigorous spirits of the great cause, become a new force to achieve the dream of the China. "China has a firm confidence in the road, theoretical confidence, institutional self-confidence, its essence is based on more than 5000 years of cultural heritage on the basis of cultural self-confidence". Chinese proposed above based on the Chinese traditional cultural roots of the China values, the outstanding achievements of world civilization and there are many things in common, at the same time for the "responsibility and freedom" and "rights and obligations" and "groups and individual" and "harmony and struggle" and so on values of cognition, judgment and grasp, treatment the relationship between state and society, individual level values in the correct understanding of the formation of a unique and distinctive features, full of China style wise, has recognized the value of the calendar stand with male

国平:以核心价值观凝魂聚气强基固本   以核心价值观凝魂聚气强基固本   ――九论习近平总书记治国理政新思想新成就   “把培育和弘扬社会主义核心价值观,作为凝魂聚气、强基固本的基础工程。”习近平总书记在中共中央政治局集体学习时讲的一番话,一语中的地指出了社会主义核心价值观在治国理政中重要的基础性作用。   党的十八大首次提出了社会主义核心价值观的理念,提出了富强、民主、文明、和谐、自由、平等、公正、法治、爱国、敬业、诚信、友善24字的具体 内容。社会主义核心价值观体现了社会主义本质的根本价值取向,反映了全国各族人民共同认同的价值观的“最大公约数”,具有先进性和民族性的高度统一。社会 主义核心价值观是坚持走中国道路的根本保证,是正在追梦中的全体中国人的道德准则、价值标准,是所有为实现中国梦而奋斗的中国人不可或缺的精神食粮。   “我们从哪里来?我们走向何方?”实现中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦,必须确立牢固的核心价值观,必须立足中华优秀传统文化,绝不能抛弃传统、丢掉 根本,割断自己的精神命脉。“守国之度,在饰四维”,提出、倡导、弘扬社会主义核心价值观,事关国家的长治久安。需要看到,在中国社会转型加速的当下,社 会意识形态和价值观取向表现出多样性、多元化的特点或倾向,信仰迷失,道德滑坡,价值观扭曲等等“精神缺钙”的现象存在于社会不同领域中,致使一些人模糊 了历史,看不清现在,认不准未来。面对这样的现实,习近平总书记强调培育和弘扬社会主义核心价值观,凝民族之灵魂,聚奋斗之志气,振聋发聩,砥砺精神,极 大地振奋了全国各族人民。习总书记还特别强调,青年一代要像“系好第一粒扣子”那样,打好人生基础,从现在做起,从自己做起,使社会主义核心价值观成为自 己的基本遵循。谆谆教诲激励着年轻一代,召唤他们意气风发地投身于改革创新的伟大事业中,成为实现中国梦的生力军。   “中国有坚定的道路自信、理论自信、制度自信,其本质是建立在5000多年文明传承基础上的文化自信”。中国提出的立足于中华优秀传统文化根基 之上的中国价值观,既与世界文明的优秀成果有许多相通相融之处,同时对于“责任与自由”“义务与权利”“群体与个人”“和谐与争斗”等等价值观念的认知、 判断和把握,在正确理解处理国家、社会、个人不同层面价值观的关系方面,形成了独到而鲜明的特色,充满着中国式的睿智,具有广泛的价值认同,具有经得起历 史检验的强大生命力。   “要切实把社会主义核心价值观贯穿于社会生活的方方面面”,“要注意把我们所提倡的与人们日常生活紧密联系起来,在落细、落小、落实上下功 夫”,习总书记重视培育和弘扬社会主义核心价值观,强调必须将强烈的历史感与脚踏实地的务实精神相结合。“九层之台,起于累土”“千里之行,始于足下”, 培育和弘扬社会主义核心价值观,要从一点一滴的细节抓起,“使核心价值观的影响像空气一样无所不在、无时不有”,持之以恒,就一定能使全社会呈现更加健康 向上欣欣向荣的面貌,这正是中国梦应有的美好景象。(国平) 责任编辑:姚雅男相关的主题文章: