New mothers postpartum pain relief pubic coup

New mothers postpartum pain relief pubic coup [Abstract] after birth, the thigh position is very sore. In fact, the pain in the thigh is what we’re talking about today. Pubic pain associated with pregnancy and childbirth. So what can we do to relieve the pain? Located at the junction between the thigh and the abdomen. Pubic pain is more common in late pregnancy and postpartum. Hormone secretion during pregnancy, in order to adapt to the development of the fetus, the pelvis will be propped up wide support, production due to excessive force, will make the pubic symphysis separation, ligament damage. The poor recovery of the pubic symphysis can not only cause pubic pain, low back pain, abdominal pain, but also can lead to changes of uterine prolapse, vaginal relaxation, incontinence and body shape. So, if we should carry out postpartum pelvic recovery, relieve pubic pain? First, as soon as possible as soon as possible after the early cesarean section activities, the recovery of the pelvis, relief of pubic pain has some help. Caesarean section after 1 to 2 days, the new mommy meals or whether the toilet must be in bed. If the body is in good condition, about 24 hours after the caesarean section, some mothers can get out of bed activity. As soon as possible to get out of bed activities can also help intestinal peristalsis, reduce abdominal distension, as well as the prevention of vascular embolism. After every day can get out of bed appropriate activities, but because the wound has not healed, before 2-3 days will be uncomfortable, activities can be used to support the wound to relieve abdominal pain. Two, pelvic movement to alleviate the pain of pelvic movement need to be more than two weeks postpartum. Pelvic exercise helps the pelvis and its muscles recover. Mommy hands on the ground, kneeling. Lift one of your feet, and then stretch, to feel your hips to the ankle. About 5 times for casters. [Abstract] after birth, the position of the thigh root is very painful. In fact, the pain in the thigh is what we’re talking about today. Pubic pain associated with pregnancy and childbirth. So what can we do to relieve the pain? Three, the mattress is soft and hard moderate, there are a lot of people are not aware of the relationship between the mattress and the recovery after caesarean section. A soft mattress will make Mommy in the body during sleep to fall, spine and pelvis will be affected by the excessive power of rest; pelvis too hard bed on the human body heavy pressure, will cause pelvic skew. So the ideal bed should be moderate, we in the supine body curve and the mattress complete chimerism, thorax, pelvis, head and face together to provide the level of support for the spine. Four, strengthen bone nutrition composition of pelvis is nothing more than protein, fiber and calcium, bone hard, pelvis is more stable and is not easy to damage, so adding some beneficial to bone food has become a recovery of postpartum pelvic list. Calcium milk, AD calcium milk, fish, shrimp, oysters, egg yolk, walnut, hazelnut in calcium and magnesium, selenium, zinc, iron and other trace elements are rich, usually may eat some. Of course, don’t forget more than the sun, the sun’s ultraviolet irradiation skin form of vitamin D, can promote the body’s absorption of calcium and bone and bones. Five, the use of professional corset postpartum pelvic girdle pelvic girdle is not that we often say that now, but the postpartum.相关的主题文章: