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Domain-Names Nz web hosting offers fast web hosting, domain names nz, and New Zealand hosting and web design solutions. Nz web hosting prides itself on customer service and satisfaction in the New Zealand hosting plans that they offer with such benefits as, your new hosting account is activated instantly and you are online within minutes of purchasing your plan. Technical jargon and complications are taken care of; our cPanel knowledgebase has video help. Hosting-NZ know NZ web hosting and domain names nz like the back of their hands, we can help if you get stuck with your nz web hosting. Web hosting is when you hire a company so that you can use their computer and its hard drive for your website. This computer is always on and never crashes so that your website will be available online all the time. Basically, you can use your own computer as server host for your New Zealand hosting but this is not advisable because this computer should be always be on and should never crash or else your website will not be available. There are actually different types of web hosting in New Zealand and domain names nz. First, there is the shared hosting wherein many websites share the same computer. Domain names nzbest for small business because this is the cheapest. This New Zealand hosting is the cheapest because since small businesses do not require large space they can share the server. For medium scale businesses, there is the virtual dedicated server. You have a choice of nz web hosting . Here the small businesses share a dedicated server. This means that fewer people share the server than with the shared hosting. This is of course more expensive than the shared hosting. For large corporations and big businesses, there is the most expensive type of web hosting New Zealand, the dedicated server. Here, the businesses do not have to share the server with other websites. This of course is the most expensive of the three types of web hosting New Zealand. Then there is also the free web hosting New Zealand. In this case, the website owner does not have to pay the monthly fee but advertisements will be placed on his site. The services and the space are also very limited. Some offer only 100 MB of web space. About us: Hosting NZ provides reliable offers fast web hosting, domain name and web design solutions. Hosting NZ prides itself on customer service and satisfaction. Web hosting company that specializes in customer service first and foremost. We are here to stay and we intend on offering the best service, advice and quality services that you can get on the internet today. For more information on New Zealand Hosting, Domain names nz, or nz web hosting visit our site at . One of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with your web hosting and Domain names NZ. About the Author: . One of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with your web hosting and Domain names NZ. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: