Ningbo smart inbox timeout of 10 minutes of additional 1 yuan consumers questioned the charges

Ningbo smart inbox timeout of 10 minutes of additional 1 yuan consumers questioned the charges recently, Ningbo each district in the intelligent inbox quietly up. The courier will be wrapped into the inbox, the recipient after receiving the message, with a password or two-dimensional code can take, really very convenient. But recently, who lives in Jiangdong Zhang because there is a temporary emergency, not 24 hours will be stored in the smart inbox express removed, are required to charge one yuan. He is not convinced: should be door-to-door service, now without the consent of courier directly to the express delivery to the cabinets from mentioning, also require the payment of overtime fee is legitimate? On Sunday, Zhang received such a message: "[] please courier easy with × × × × code to run; address taking express, free for 24 hours. Express details × × "". Logistics information display. His express XX address has been easy to express from mentioning cabinet collection. Zhang day something has failed to get home in time, second days when he got home, I think there is a package did not take. He hurriedly rushed to the area downstairs beside the inbox, pick up the input code, electronic screen display express for more than 24 hours, you need to pay 1 yuan. He looked at his watch, from the late pickup time but more than 10 minutes. But in order to successfully take to pieces, he can only obediently pay. Reporters call the courier easy customer service hotline, the staff said, in order to improve the turnover rate of the box, courier easy to provide 24 hours of free storage time (Chengdu, Chongqing two to 48 hours), if over time, really need to pay 1 yuan fee of public resources. "The specific circumstances or to receive text messages as." The reporter learned that, at present not all intelligent inbox need to charge overtime. The reporter contacted Feng nest customer service. The staff said, if not timely receive express, in more than 72 hours after the courier will be re delivered to your inbox, and will take a new code is sent to take a mobile phone. Or courier will express out directly to the hands of consumers. The Consumer Protection Commission – consumers can refuse to pay the fee is reasonable? The reporter consulted the Ningbo Consumer Protection Committee Deputy Secretary General Zhou Lijuan. Zhou Lijuan said, "the service from mentioning cabinet indeed for the courier to save a lot of time and cost, reduce the difficulty of delivery, but convenient courier may also will be a corresponding increase in the recipient inconvenience." The State Post Bureau in 2015 by the "smart express box delivery service management regulations (Provisional)", provides the basis for the specification of express self-service market, the provisions of article seventh: "business express business enterprises in the use of smart express box express delivery, express consent shall be obtained from the recipient. Thus, the courier without the express consent of the recipient is not the express delivery to the smart express box (from mentioning cabinet). Zhou Lijuan said that if the courier required recipients from mentioning cabinet to take part, the recipient can be related to the shopping platform for logistics complaints, such as Taobao website has specialized logistics channels for complaints, but also to.

宁波智能收件箱超时10分钟加收1元 消费者质疑收费标准   近来,宁波各小区里的智能收件箱悄然多了起来。快递员将包裹放入收件箱,收件人收到短信后,凭密码或者二维码就可以取件,确实挺方便的。   不过最近家住江东的小张因为临时有急事,没能24小时内将存放在智能收件箱里的快件取走,被要求收费一元钱。他有点想不通:本来应该是送货上门的服务,如今未经收件人同意快递员就直接将快件投递到自提柜,还要求支付超时费,是否合理合法?   上周日,小张收到一条这样的短信:“【速递易】请凭××取货码到××地址取快件,免费存放24小时。快递详情见××网页”。物流信息显示。他的快件已被xx地址速递易自提柜代收。   小张当天临时有点事没能及时赶回家,等他第二天到家的时候,才想起有个包裹没有取。他连忙赶到小区楼下的收件箱旁,输入取货码,电子屏幕显示快件存放超过24小时,需要付费1元。他看了看手表,距离最晚取件时间不过超过了10分钟。但是为了顺利取到件,他只能乖乖付款。   记者致电速递易客服热线咨询,工作人员表示,为了提高箱子周转率,速递易提供24小时免费存放时间(成都、重庆二地为48小时),如果超过时间,确实需要支付公共资源占用费1元。“具体情况还是以收到的短信为准。”   记者了解到,目前并不是所有的智能收件箱都需要收取超时费。记者联系了丰巢的客服。工作人员表示,如果快件没有及时领取,在超过72小时后,快递员会重新投递到收件箱,并将新的取件码发送到取件人手机上。或者快递员将快件取出,直接送到消费者手上。   -消保委   消费者可以拒绝付款   到底这项收费合理吗?记者咨询了宁波市消保委副秘书长周丽娟。   周丽娟说,“自提柜服务确实为快递员节省很多时间成本,降低送达的难度,但方便快递员的同时可能也会相应增加收件人的不便。”   国家邮政局在2015年通过了《智能快件箱投递服务管理规定(暂行)》,为规范快件自助服务市场提供了依据,其中第七条规定:“经营快递业务的企业在使用智能快件箱投递快件前,应当征得收件人明示同意。由此可见,快递员未经收件人的明示同意是不能将快件投递至智能快件箱(自提柜)。   周丽娟表示,若快递员强行要求收件人到自提柜取件,收件人可到相关购物平台进行物流投诉,如淘宝网站有专门的物流投诉渠道,亦可向所属快递公司投诉。消费者也可以拒收自提箱中的快件,因此产生的超时付费可以拒付。   “另外,相关部门对于自提柜超时的收费标准暂无相关价格指导,快件自取的超时收费由谁承担,取件时快件破损由谁负责等等,这些都是自提柜服务亟须规范的方面。”周丽娟说。相关的主题文章: