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Ningde: padded short board development   expand the effective supply of Fujian channel — original title: Ningde municipal government issued the "opinions" clearly promote the Ningde city infrastructure, industrial development, social welfare and livelihood security and other fields to make up the short board work, accelerate the construction of the "six new Ningde municipal government. Recently issued" opinions "about the complete development of the short board to expand effective supply, clear work objectives. Infrastructure further improved. "Opinions" put forward, to 2018, the city’s new railway mileage of 165 km, the highway mileage of 136 kilometers, the port through capacity and strive to reach 50 million tons, cargo throughput of 39 million tons, the initial formation of the Sanduao port group is the core of modern comprehensive transportation system, the basic adaptation and appropriate economic and social development section. By 2018, the rural areas in the city to achieve stable and reliable power supply services full coverage. The construction of 16 charging stations, 7 intercity highway bus charging station, 9 rental and city public charging stations, 370-500 distributed DC charging pile, 350 sanitation, logistics and other special vehicles charging pile and 3500-5000 car, private car charging pile. Further upgrading of industrial development. By 2018, new energy lithium industry fast cultivate, preliminary build become a world-class national lithium new energy industry base; with the new bio pharmaceutical industry, energy saving and environmental protection, marine and other high-tech industries to accelerate the development of. Gradually filled metallurgy and new materials, new energy, electric appliances, synthetic leather and other pillar industries upstream and downstream industry chain key missing links, the formation of a number of a relatively complete industrial chain of distinctive and strong market competitiveness of industrial clusters and industrial brand. Further development of social undertakings. By 2018, the public kindergarten in the city to increase the proportion of children to about 50%, 5 new primary and secondary schools in the central city, 8000-10000 new degrees. Two general hospitals and improve the service ability, obstetrics, pediatrics, psychiatry, etc. increased strength, 1000 per capita number of beds in medical institutions, practicing (Assistant) physicians were 4.95 and 1.85 people. Hierarchical treatment system to accelerate, the county (city, district) within the scope of treatment rate increased to around 90%, grassroots medical institutions accounted for 65% of the total amount of diagnosis and treatment. People’s livelihood security further strengthened. 2016-2018 years to complete the project for the benefits of 15 thousand households of 63 thousand people, more than 50 households for the benefit of new or ongoing projects concentrated settlements 60. By 2018, each county (city, district) of the city will introduce at least 1 pension professional service organizations (enterprises), each thousand old people have pension beds up to 33. To 2018, nurturing 1-2 Ningde famous brand in domestic service, introduce the foreign well-known domestic service brand chain enterprises, the formation of 1-2 turnover of over ten million yuan of leading enterprises. (reporter Chen Wei) (Wu Zhou, commissioning editor: Zhang?) 宁德:补齐发展短板 扩大有效供给–福建频道–人民网 原标题:宁德市政府出台《意见》明确工作目标   为扎实推进宁德市基础设施、产业发展、社会事业和民生保障等领域补短板工作,加快建设“六新大宁德”,市政府近日出台《关于补齐发展短板扩大有效供给的实施意见》,明确相关工作目标。   基础设施进一步完善。《意见》提出,到2018年,全市新增铁路里程165公里、高速公路里程136公里,港口通过能力力争达到5000万吨,货物吞吐量突破3900万吨,初步形成以三都澳港口群为核心的现代综合交通运输体系,基本适应并部分适度超前经济社会发展。到2018年,力争全市农村地区实现稳定可靠的供电服务全覆盖。建设16座城际高速公路充电站、7座公交车充电站、9座出租及城市公共充电站、370-500个分散式直流充电桩、350个环卫、物流等专用车充电桩和3500-5000个公务车、私人乘用车充电桩。   产业发展进一步升级。到2018年,锂电新能源产业快速培育壮大,初步打造成为具有世界水平的国家级锂电新能源产业基地;生物与新医药产业、节能环保、海洋高新等产业加快培育。逐步补齐冶金新材料、新能源、电机电器、合成革等支柱产业上下游产业链关键缺失环节,形成一批产业链较为完善、特色鲜明、市场竞争力较强的产业集群和产业品牌。   社会事业进一步发展。到2018年,力争全市公办幼儿园在园幼儿占比提高到50%左右,中心城区新建5所中小学,新增学位8000-10000个。市县两级综合医院服务能力加快提升,产科、儿科、精神科等力量增强,千人均医疗机构床位数、执业(助理)医生数分别达4.95张、1.85人。分级诊疗制度加快推进,县(市、区)域内就诊率提高到90%左右,基层医疗机构诊疗量占总诊疗量比例达65%。   民生保障进一步加强。2016-2018年完成造福工程1.5万户6.3万人,新建或续建50户以上造福工程集中安置点60个。到2018年,全市每个县(市、区)至少引进1家养老专业化服务组织(企业),每千名老年人拥有养老床位达到33张。到2018年,培育1-2个宁德市知名家政服务品牌,引进区外知名家政服务品牌连锁企业,形成1-2家营业额超千万元的龙头企业。(记者 陈薇) (责编:张?、吴舟)相关的主题文章: