Ou. Europe 2017 spring and summer series interpretation of the brand concept to pet in the name of candle june

OU. Europe 2017 spring and summer series interpretation of brand concept this season series clothing inspired by the magnificent culture of Europe like Florence FLORENCE to "spoil" in the name of Huadu church bars and other classical and romantic elements fusion and delicate embroidery, present on texture laminated chiffon and silk, retro design corset, hollow bandage adds a just perfect sexy, classic lace with cortex is to break the traditional corset lace imagination, open a new chapter in the dense fragrance in 2017. The beauty of life is to walk on the road with a window full of flowers; a pleasant journey in the afternoon, warm breeze; personal temperament is a mapping is a grade, comfortable home; is talk to friends and family together, share a delicious dishes. The focus of the current fashion in Europe on behalf of creativity constantly updated discourse interesting and happy. The art is the soul of the fashion, awakening the inner resonance of the United states. Love are more love life, is the best footnote oudian. Please enjoy OU. Europe in summer 2017 fashion beauty. The ultimate romantic female temperament and unique style of fashion design, fashion and art temperament will be forefront of the trend of blending, as the most worthy pet women offer a seat summer feast.相关的主题文章: