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[out] domestic mobile phone can only look at the Samsung explosion door joke? The Tencent Digital Su Yang Samsung mobile business very careful. Over the past few generations of Galaxy S and Galaxy Note to Samsung accumulated a large number of industrial design, excellent reputation, quality upgrading, especially won a good reputation in terms of hard power imaging for the Korean mobile phone brand, but the positive influence of all but because of the new generation of Galaxy Note 7 in a series of bombings gradually lost. The first blow up at the end of August, the new release distance less than a month, then appear more and more cases of explosions. Mobile phone explosion is not strange, even before the Samsung Galaxy S series, also had explosive precedent, but as it was scorched by the flames first, then, the domestic mobile phone should with what kind of attitude towards the Samsung Note 7 explosion? Get rid of dystocia embarrassment if there is no explosion doors, from the end of August to mid September 7 officially on sale iPhone delivery, this time period is the golden age of the apple Samsung card, South Korean manufacturers have the opportunity to renew the first half of this year, Galaxy S7 and S7 edge’s success, and the fact that Samsung is indeed doing so. According to data released by Samsung, as of early September, in less than 1 months has sold 2 million 500 thousand units worldwide Galaxy Note 7. When the outside world are discussing the Samsung product recall so much, how many losses, the market will evaporate much, most should not ignore is Samsung in a short time, the ability of the 2 million 500 thousand units shipped in the global mobile phone market, and there is no large area out of the situation. In contrast, the domestic mobile phone is growing rapidly in the past 5 years, many manufacturers also star figure, but there are still many manufacturers for mass production and scorched by the flames. Millet will be responsible for the supply chain Zhou Guangping removed after Lei himself, still did not get rid of the shortage of embarrassment, Meizu, HUAWEI started selling new products in the initial stage, there are also varying degrees of shortage, and Luo Yonghao hammer, the first and second generation have appeared in the production, now has third generations of large exposure the first half of the year, still no specific time to market. Samsung Note in 7 "explosion door" to a large number of domestic mobile phone manufacturers the opportunity to catch up with the progress, but it is not the meaning of pure irony, the hands of an ample supply of goods, or to get rid of the "birth" of the problem is the key. Earlier, deputy general manager Wu Qiang OPPO said in an interview earlier, "don’t underestimate iPhone 7, not adding insult to injury" on the Samsung Note 7 event, this should be the domestic brand mentality. Respect for technological innovation as a domestic mobile phone manufacturers, regardless of what position, before making the final assessment, you need to analyze the explosion of a variety of possible problems, in the end what is the cause of the explosion of Note 7? The first Note 7 explosion, is believed to be caused by mixed non original charger, and the subsequent series of explosions after the battery supplier is pushed in the teeth of the storm. It is understood that Note 7 uses two suppliers of products, respectively.相关的主题文章: