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People’s Daily: government procurement scale exceeded 2 trillion years refused to "announce the special" before the date of the Ministry of finance data show that in 2015 the national government procurement scale exceeded 2 trillion yuan, an increase of 21.8%, accounting for the proportion of fiscal expenditure reached 12%. Expanding the scale of government procurement, the money spent on what? What is the procurement process, whether it can be inexpensive, open and fair? Reporters interviewed the relevant departments and experts. Last year, the purchase of services increased by 72.9%, involving pension, training and other young people in the village to go out to work, leaving most of the elderly, a few acres of land or some difficulty. This year, a lot easier to plant rice, pest control to help solve these problems." Sichuan County, Shehong province Cao Town farmers Qiu Zhimin said. The government purchase of plant pest control service in Shehong County, the farmers only need to pay the cost of materials, the company will provide door-to-door service of agricultural field, the two generation of stem borer, rice blast, rice false smut of anti rule. This year, the county’s 11 villages and towns, a total of more than 22 thousand acres of rice in the village, through the government purchase of services to achieve a unified rule of governance, while reducing the burden on farmers, while also improving the level of agricultural production safety in. A positive change in government procurement is a substantial increase in services procurement, an increase of 72.9% in 2015." The Ministry of Finance in charge of the implementation of government procurement scope continues to expand, in addition to the government’s own administrative office expenses, but also covers the expenditure of some public welfare, people’s livelihood, as provided for the community "Empty Nester" life care for migrant workers to provide technical training etc.. From all over the situation, the government to purchase public services and public welfare, covering education, employment, social security, health care, culture and sports and the disabled and many other areas of livelihood services. From the point of view of the structure of government procurement, the class of goods, engineering procurement is still the big head, while the service sector accounts for only 15.9% of the total size of the national government procurement, there is considerable room for expansion." Bai Jingming, vice president of the China Institute of fiscal science believes that, in the face of the growing public demand for public services, the government needs to innovate the supply model to build a multi-level, diversified public service supply system. The government directly to the public to provide a part of the public services, undertaken by the conditions of the social forces and to pay, to play the role of market mechanism, accelerate the development of service industry, improve the level of public service. The agreement to supply the products to be market can buy, comparable price, no loopholes of luxury: many people are interested in such activities as the government administrative office, the government procurement price is how to decide, can save money? Ministry of finance, responsible person, for office supplies, the main way of government procurement for large quantities of centralized procurement and a small amount of procurement agreement. Bulk centralized procurement quantity, the suppliers can puerile, so the government procurement to "bargain", usually more than about 10% the market price is low. While the supply agreement purchase amount is small, especially in the past, there are still some "custom" and "special" products, not the same models on the market, easy to avoid compared with the market price, resulting in procurement prices. To solve this problem,.相关的主题文章:

What should be the first day after caesarean birth Sohu –

What should be the first day after caesarean birth? Maternal confinement – Sohu one of the important content is the month of meals, because not only to supplement their mother during pregnancy and childbirth consumption, but also adequate nutrition, maternal to secrete enough milk to feed the baby, and research shows that the appropriate food can reduce maternal physical and mental health was restored. Effective prevention of postpartum depression. But the cesarean section mother for preoperative and postoperative fasting, the digestive ability is weak, so in the diet must be gradual, transition, so today Tina will tell you that the first day of caesarean birth mother should eat what? After cesarean section should be strictly follow the doctor’s advice, 6-8 hours after fasting, to be determined by the doctor and can eat before the implementation. So how to help exhaust it? Speaking of exhaust, the mother may be the first reaction is radish soup, radish soup, but it must be filtered out of the radish. In addition, we can also use the grains of rice oil. These two kinds of food should be sent before the mother is not divided into 6 times, each sent 150-200 ml, until the ventilation. How do the cereal rice oil? Cereal rice oil is made from brown rice rice millet half boiled, alkali. What is the principle of the first week of postpartum diet? Pregnant mothers store large amounts of water, after delivery will need to slowly water discharge, but the critical period of the first week postpartum is "water swelling", so the mother can not eat salty food or condiments contain a lot of food, avoid eating pickled food and canned food, so as not to cause the body of water retention, not discharge. In addition, the mother should also follow this principle: the first week postpartum diet to lochia, cold, and water swelling, promote milk secretion. The first row of postpartum lochia, lochia after replenishing qi and blood, more and more can not fill, diet should focus on promoting the removal of excess water in the The new supersedes the old.. What should you eat on the first day after the mother’s breath? After ventilation, mother’s diet can gradually transition from liquid to semi liquid food, the whole process is suitable for eating nutritious and easily digestible food, such as porridge, soft rotten noodles, noodle soup, and then in accordance with the maternal physical gradually transition to the normal diet. But should avoid egg toffee soy products food on the first day, so as not to cause flatulence. The following is a recipe for the day, mother reference: Breakfast: dilute xiaomizhou fry potatoes with food: red bean barley porridge for lunch, chicken broth longxumian snacks: brown rice cooking oil and vegetable soup dinner: rice porridge vegetables roll fried white radish flowers. After the first day of the first week or even the first week, the mother needs to eat seafood, eating chicken oil separated from the oil. Sliced pork ribs tender, soft rotten good chewing. Please pay attention to more good [WeChat public number: good maternal infant (mhtina)] in Himalaya FM dragonfly FM litchi FM search for "senior maternal and child care teacher Tina" free to listen to public lecture. Disclaimer: This article is for a better pregnancy baby senior maternal and child care teacher Tina.相关的主题文章:

National city prices rose Wuxi topped second city rose as the main force of Finance — people-autobots

National city prices rose Wuxi topped   second city rose as the main force of Finance — original title: National City prices rose Wuxi topped the second tier city rose as the main force in September 1st according to the China Index Research Institute released August "Chinese real estate index system 100 city price index, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan property prices in August QoQ rose into the national top 7". August hundred cities nationwide property prices rose 10, in addition to Shanghai as the first tier cities, other cities are second tier cities. National city prices rose Wuxi topped the "Chinese real estate index system 100 city price index in August shows that the Zhuhai property prices to an increase of 6.4%, with national city prices rose up after Wuxi. Foshan property prices to 4.86% QoQ increase, ranked 100 city property prices list fifth, after Wuxi, Zhuhai, or Kunshan, Langfang, Shanghai and even put behind them. Dongguan to 3.85% QoQ, beyond Hangzhou, the country’s top 100 property prices rose list of the seventh. This year, Zhuhai property prices have risen for 8 consecutive months, the cumulative increase of up to 8 months of 27.3%. Zhuhai in August the average price of 17922 yuan square meters, up by 6.4%, or the national ranking of second. According to the survey of the middle finger, August Foshan average price of 9968 yuan square meters, an increase of 4.86%, an increase of up to 18.27%. The Foshan housing construction sector has not yet announced the transaction data in August, this refers to the price index of Foshan or the actual transaction price is slightly deviation, but the deviation should not be too large. Foshan Zhongyuan data also show that in August Foshan property prices 9637 yuan square meters, essentially flat with last month. The average transaction price of 13031 yuan in Dongguan in August square meters, the chain rose by 3.85%. Currently, Dongguan 23 regional housing prices, including the 6 regional break 20 thousand". The status quo: price volume dropped while prices "up" the word, but the relevant data from the view, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan, August a market turnover has a downward trend. Zhuhai city commercial housing pre-sale network data show that in August Zhuhai signed 5970 sets of real estate, net signed area of 525 thousand square meters, a decline of 17% and 18% respectively in July. Among them, a residential net signed 5159 units, net signed area of 497 thousand square meters; a commercial housing net signed 114 units, net signed area of 10 thousand and 200 square meters; the primary building net signed 154 units, net signed area of 17 thousand and 300 square meters; other types of property net signed 415 sets. Foshan turnover also showed a slight downward trend. Foshan in July, the first floor of a single month turnover of 15757 units, a record high, but in August a slight decline in the market. According to the data released by the Foshan Centaline, August Foshan turnover area of 1 million 882 thousand square meters, about 1% of the decline, but the data still remains at the peak, the current Foshan market is still in short supply situation. August Dongguan primary residential turnover slightly tragic". Hopefluent (Chinese)相关的主题文章:

Really practical! Turbo owners should know five things – Sohu-kairui

Really practical! Turbo owners should know five things – because the Sohu automobile Turbocharged Automotive has the following advantages, such as fuel, the same displacement power stronger, purchase tax reduction, Chinese consumer choice caused more and more to buy turbocharged models, and automobile manufacturers due to the displacement regulations and Chinese in order to cater to consumer preferences, but also have launched their own the turbocharged models, so the Japanese manufacturers even always adhere to naturally aspirated, like civic 1.5T, Carola 1.2T. The turbocharged models and naturally aspirated models due to the power system is different, so in terms of normal use and maintenance, the nature is also different, we talk about the turbocharger owners should understand the things. The relationship between the engine speed and the power output of the turbine engine turbine speed can be achieved by the maximum torque at the lowest speed to judge. So if you want enough power, it is necessary to keep the engine speed at the maximum torque speed. Because before the intervention, the turbocharged engine compression ratio is low, the working efficiency of the engine is very low, not enough dynamic output, economy will worsen, that is not fuel-efficient. Avoid cold car floor oil cold car state, oil is generally in the oil sump, if the engine has not been fully lubricated, high speed load will directly increase the engine wear. A naturally aspirated engine like this, not to mention the turbocharged models, the turbocharger rotor to tens of thousands per minute to rotate at high speed, can be said that the turbocharger lubrication is very important, but also damage the turbocharger is often burned due to improper lubrication. Pay attention to clean the turbo engine cleaner should be cleaned regularly to prevent air cleaner, dust and other impurities into the high-speed rotation of the compressor impeller speed, causing instability or sleeve and seal wear. Engine oil and filter must be kept clean to prevent impurities from entering, otherwise the oil lubricating capacity is reduced, resulting in premature termination of the turbocharger. When the engine can not be turned off immediately after intense driving, some of the oil is supplied to the turbocharger rotor bearing lubrication and cooling. The engine running after a sudden stop, rapid decline in oil pressure is zero, the turbocharger bearing shell of the heat can not be quickly away, while still in the inertia turbocharger rotor under the effect of rotating speed, will cause the turbocharger oil remaining inside the overheated bearings and shaft damage. But not absolute, TSI turbocharged engine Volkswagen and Audi vehicles, due to the delayed cooling system, so in the parking lot can be used immediately after flameout, no longer running idle for a few minutes. The use of oil for the supercharged engine, its piston, crankshaft, connecting rod and other components are strengthened, the engine than the ordinary natural intake of the crankshaft, connecting rod with higher strength. It is also because of the poor working conditions of these components, so the engine oil level must be guaranteed, recommended use of SM grade oil, or grade and viscosity coefficient is not less than the original standard oil. As the saying goes, it is easy to buy a car, if you do not want to premature damage to the car!相关的主题文章:

The full version of the blood Xiaolong 821 blessing! A plus phone 3T price exposure expensive – Sohu-diamondprox

The full version of the blood Xiaolong 821 blessing! One plus mobile phone 3T price exposure: expensive technology – Sohu if no accident, one plus mobile phone will launch a new flagship mobile phone in the end, the configuration parameters are basically a continuation of the one and 3, but the processor has been upgraded. A recently released micro-blog insiders with the tail, the machine should be called a 3T, and the T a lot of friends jokingly, that is the abbreviation of "Turbo", but it may also be a test version or engineering machine. Now, the great God @evleaks broke the news that a new machine is to highlight will be named One Plus 3T, which will be equipped with a full version of the blood Xiaolong 821 processor (frequency 2.35GHz), of course, the price will be improved. @evleaks said that one plus 3 priced at $400 (2499 yuan domestic) and upgraded, one plus 3T price will increase by $80, or $480, according to the situation of the domestic price should be less than 3000 yuan, it is 2799 yuan? It is reported that One Plus 3T is still 5.5 inches 1080p screen (to Samsung AMOLED screen), the outer covering of a gorilla 5 generation glass, built-in 6GB memory, running Android 7 system, the camera will be upgraded to 16 million pixels SONY IMX398, to provide dual focus and aperture F1.7. What do you think? "Plus a re definition of" the recent articles featured: business cooperation kejimeixue@163 welcome message, say your point of view, the wonderful wall相关的主题文章: