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High IQ and low IQ children should be encouraged to learn together, or against the Sohu mother in 1975, the United States Congress passed the "handicapped children education act", the bill is designed to maximize avoid abnormal students share out, so that the abnormal children can be fully integrated into the traditional education system. But the education act in the implementation is also facing some difficulties, put forward higher request to the classroom teacher, because teaching a student ability difference class is not a simple matter, teachers must have high quality, can be targeted to guide these children learn better. Of course, not all children with disabilities should attend regular schools in the United states. Children with mental retardation were classified as mild, moderate, severe and extremely severe. Mild retardation, refers to the intelligence test scores in the 5055 – 70 range of mental retardation, mental retardation usually accounted for 90% of the individual, they through appropriate training, can reach the third grade to the sixth grade level of education, but can be very successful independent to have a job and live. Moderate retardation, refers to the intelligence test scores in the 35 40-50 55 children, accounting for about 5% – 10%, the conventional education often can not effectively train the moderate retardation people acquire academic skills, because they generally cannot cross the second grade level, but can learn some occupation and social skills, and live alone in the familiar place. Severe and extremely severe retardation, IQ score of 20 25-35 in children with severe retardation, while less than 2025 of the extremely severe retardation of. These children usually do not have or do not have the language ability, may require 24 hours of care. Some severe retardation also can learn basic self-care skills, such as clothes and eat, they even have developed in some direction like an adult independent potential; but most people still continue to need to see a relatively high level, spent most of his time in the specialized agencies. Although the education bill passed by the United States is a good guarantee of the right to education for children with disabilities, is it fair to compare with those with high IQ? For example, a teacher in the classroom, when she repeatedly guide students until they master, some children feel very boring and tired; on the contrary, for gifted children classes, the situation is completely different, students are very active and learn quickly. Therefore, some educators have proposed to speed up and enrich the two educational methods. The accelerated method allows gifted children develop at their own pace, they will skip to a higher grade. The rich approach is to allow gifted children to be in their original grade, but to provide them with special courses and individualized activities. Most studies have shown that the acceleration program is very effective, a lot of gifted children than their peers, compared with the normal age of children, as well, sometimes better than them. The United States, a math genius youth study program, these students not only successfully completed the!相关的主题文章:

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"Can not do without you" – Sohu maternal and child even if other things Cindy do not understand, there is one thing she still know; no place to raise a dog at home. But she picked up the dog, put it into the bag, go home. Even if Cindy doesn’t understand anything else, there’s one thing she can’t understand. So she crept upstairs, slipped into his room. "Is it you? Cindy?" "Yes, Mrs. watson." "Why is it so late? Dinner is getting cold!" "I’ll be right down, Mrs. watson." The dog hid under the bed. Cindy sat at the big table, and everyone else was nearly finished. She put the leftover food with napkin wrapped up. Cindy, would you like a cake?" "No, thanks!" Cindy pushed the creaking wooden chair, hurriedly go upstairs. Upstairs, Cindy’s room, the dog devoured the leftovers. "Little dog, oh, little darling." Cindy softly calls. Even if other things do not understand, she still understand this thing, this is her puppy. When someone knocked at the door. "Cindy!" Cindy hurried to the dog into the closet. The door was opened, and they always opened her door. Never wait for her to respond. "Cindy, John has cleaned the dishes. You can take it away!" Cindy came to the kitchen, while silently in my heart: never breakingplates Cindy! Only to the plate! Don’t want a puppy! Cindy returns to the room. Hey, dog, what are you doing?" She followed the dog, and beat and drag. Cindy fell asleep, the dog curled up on her side, with her blanket. Even if other things are not clear, there is one thing she still understand, this puppy is her best friend. Ring – up, Cindy! To fast! Put on your clothes and go to work! How to do small dogs? Right — take it! Take it! Cindy was busy silently in my heart… Cindy… The work place is a nursing home, also called hospice. Her daily work is cleaning: dustpan, bucket, and disinfectant, put on every floor, every room, cleaned up and down, both inside and outside. Cindy likes the job. She likes to make things clean and shiny. Cindy put the dog into the chest big yellow apron, took the broom from the closet, mop and polisher, start working: corridors, staircases, room… And…, up and down, all clean again. Cindy put the puppy in mr.. "Oh, my God, it’s a puppy!" "Can you see it?" See, can only see a shadow, some white patterns." Cindy reveals her slow smile: "well, I saw this for the first time相关的主题文章:

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Taiwan media: Philippines prison riots Chinese drug 1 killed and 2 wounded – Sohu News Reference News Network reported on September 29th to enter the second stage in the Philippines government crackdown on the occasion, repeating the Philippines prison riots, Chinese drug 1 killed and 2 wounded, and 1 Philippine prisoners suffered minor injuries. According to Taiwan "Central News Agency" website reported on September 28th, the Philippines Bureau of prisons deputy director of Asuncion (Rolando Asuncion) announced that Manila is located in the outskirts of partial felon prison, 28, about 7:40 in the morning riots, the Chinese drug Toni? (Tony Co) was stabbed to death xu. The other 1 Chinese drug Peter? (Peter Co) and Vincent Xu Shi (Vicente Sy)? Were seriously injured, including Peter? A critical condition; the Philippine prison (Jaybee Sebastian) Basiti plug Ann and Donel (Clarence Dongail) minor. Asuncion, East Eyre former police, after kidnapping murder in prison, he learned that the Chinese drug traffickers in prison drug, worried that if the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked will make the whole prison have been implicated, so go to stop, the outbreak of the conflict of two factions. The injured Peter Xu? Is considered to be Philippines’s largest drug, and an Basiti plug is currently used by the government to former justice minister accused of harboring drug transactions involving the witness. Asuncion said at the time. A mess, who stabbed who? And why are there drugs and weapons? Have yet to be further investigated. Philippines police crackdown has entered the second stage, with "high value targets" for mopping up object. The evening of August 11th, Metro Manila Paranaque city (Paranaque) prison bombing in 10 was called to the warden room prisoners death, including 2 people in mainland Chinese. Of the 10 prisoners, 8 were jailed for the drug case. 2 days later, the southern Davao prison and penal farm (DPPF) occurred in Philippines prison stabbed to death 2 people in mainland and the 1 Hongkong event. 3 of the dead were drug-related imprisonment.相关的主题文章:

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Beijing property market "9? 30 before the new deal" full moon trading volume plummeted 40% – Sohu news 2016 National Day holiday, Beijing real estate developers and real estate intermediary in the highly anticipated "silver ten" the arrival of Beijing City, but released in September 30th the property market (hereinafter referred to as the "9? 30 deal") but let the market parties be taken by surprise. After the new deal, most industry experts believe that the Beijing property market turnover will be inevitable. As of yesterday, 9, the new deal after the publication of the full month of 30. According to the Hao Jun Yue statistical data show that as of October 30th, Beijing commercial housing (excluding low-income housing and housing a total turnover of 8508 sets of the month), last month decreased by 41%, while the volume also hit a nearly 5 month low. The house agency deputy general manager Ren Qixin told the "Securities Daily" reporter analysis, the new market demand differentiation, a small part is already locked intent listings or for marriage, children’s education and other specific reasons for buying groups, continue to purchase; while the other most of the demand is not urgent the group chose to wait and see. Some of the old buy new improved demand, due to sell the old link difficult to sell at the expected price, but also to buy a new home plan was forced to postpone. The differentiation of demand makes the new deal after the rapid decline in trading volume, while the latter is expected to hold a wait-and-see attitude of buyers will continue to increase, before and after the Spring Festival in Beijing bridal market purchase intention will also drop to freezing stage. From the market supply, the new Beijing residential market pre-sale permit in October only 9 new projects, the sale of 2965 units, a decrease of 64%, the supply created in addition to February monthly low, the lack of supply of the October turnover is difficult to continue. Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei told reporters, Beijing "9? 30 new" effect, net signed data in November to reflect fully the policy result, prices are expected to Beijing four quarter growth will be slowing down, and in the large supply from the housing, some areas prices are likely to adjust. Ren Qixin also said that the next year with a new batch of housing policies such as real estate products into the market, and the subsequent housing projects have limited supply, the estimated total market supply will gradually recover, at the same time, the property market of the product form, the price system will also be new changes.相关的主题文章:

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China in New Zealand Embassy released earthquake Guide – Beijing Xinhua Christchurch November 14 Xinhua (reporter) 14 am Central South Island of New Zealand earthquake occurred 7.5 accompanied by aftershocks, has caused 2 deaths. Chinese Embassy in New Zealand released the same day the earthquake guide to remind Chinese citizens in New Zealand to pay attention to safety. Chinese in New Zealand Consulate in New Zealand to Chinese visitors, students, staff funded enterprises, access to short-term business personnel and the majority of overseas Chinese to express the sympathy, also reminded the prevention in the new China cautious citizens, closely related to earthquake prediction, public information, communication equipment to maintain smooth lines, reserve a certain amount of water, food and emergency supplies. Pay attention to their own safety. The Chinese Embassy in New Zealand reminds us that once the earthquake occurs, please remain calm and take measures according to the circumstances. Consulate warned that if the people in the building, don’t panic around, immediately ducked for cover; as a man in the elevator, should take protective measures, once the shaking stopped, escape from the nearest floor under the premise of ensuring safety; if people outside, please stay away from the building (especially high-rise building) trees, street lights and poles, and soon transferred to the open place to escape; if a man on the beach, should be transferred to the highlands as soon as possible in the vibration stop, to prevent the tsunami; if the people in the car, should as soon as possible to pull over, do not solve the seat belt, until the shaking stops; if the people in the mountainous area, should pay attention to the gravel and landslide. In addition, China in New Zealand Consulate once again announced duty phone: 006421528663 in New Zealand Embassy, Consulate General in Oakland, 0064274905381 in Christchurch, the Consulate General of 0064211767288. China in Christchurch Consulate General in 14 confirmed that there are China tourists stranded disaster to the seaside town of Kai ikura. At present, the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand is to mobilize the aircraft, to help Chinese citizens evacuated as soon as possible.相关的主题文章: