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UnCategorized Internet marketing is big business; with millions of people around the world trading online, and millions more looking to make a purchase, the internet is the best place to advertise a product or service, no matter how large your business is. The beauty of internet marketing is that the customer finds the .pany, and all the .pany needs is visibility. There are many methods for getting seen in search engine listings, but one of the most economical and sure fire ways of getting a potential client to click on your site is through Pay Per Click advertising, better known as PPC. PPC is a method of internet advertising whereby a .pany has a budget to spend on advertising according to a set keyword that they believe their audience uses to find a particular product. There are various ways of targeting that audience, but generally PPC uses a bid based system, and the more .petitive the keyword, the more expensive the advert. You may be wondering what advantage this type of advertising has over more traditional methods of television advertising or adverts in a publication. Essentially, internet based marketing targets an audience far more effectively than other forms of advertising, and PPC in particular has the potential to ensure that a certain .pany or product be.es the first thing someone sees when they are searching the internet. Television, radio and publishing ads take an educated guess at the demographics of the audience for a particular magazine title, or channel and time for TV and radio. It cannot be guaranteed that the ad is accessing the right people though. A badly timed or misplaced promo can be the death knoll of a marketing budget. With PPC however, the .pany can take advantage of an active consumer as opposed to a passive one. As someone types a keyword into a search engine, for example if they are looking for ‘jeans’, a blurb will appear from the highest bidders advertising a .pany selling jeans. As this is obviously a very .petitive keyword, the likes of Levi, Pepe, Wrangler at al. will vie for position through PPC advertising. As the consumer knows exactly what it is they want though, the advert is worth a lot of money. The term Pay Per Click .es from the way this type of marketing works. The .pany only pays when someone clicks on the ad. This way, a .pany has the target demographic find them, not vice versa, and money is only spent when the target audience shows interest in the product. This is a far more economical way of attracting new customers .pared to other types of marketing strategies. For PPC to truly be a success, once the consumer has clicked on the ad, the .pany needs that person to make a purchase and for this reason, the PPC ad needs to be specific. If the page leads a person to a product that they didn’t really want, the money paid for that click will be lost. By producing a PPC advert that targets specific keywords such as ‘mens jeans’ narrows the margin considerably, and it can be narrowed further still be adding more information. There is quite an art to generating PPC blurbs, just as there is in other advertising circles and a delicate balance rests between keywords and budget. If a Pay per Click blurb is well formulated, each click will produce a sale, but the budget per click for a specific keyword needs to be proportional for the product. There is no use in bidding on a .petitive term if the product it is promoting is half the cost of the advert. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: