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Paper towel consumption new upgrade, blue moon took the first step! Sohu maternal and child we use white paper pulp has been more than 30 years, is not the more white the more healthy? We use a paper towel is made from trees, the world’s annual deforestation of the number of billions of cubic meters you know? How many years will it take for the forest to be destroyed, and how many years will it take for us to recover? Do you know why more and more mothers choose paper for children? These seemingly ordinary but can not answer the question, blue moon paper made a resounding answer! The morning of October 30th, the blue moon paper "character of · the launching ceremony held in Shenzhen" Long Ping WAL-MART, blue moon paper Chairman Mr. Zhou Hougong, Mr. Ma Shubin, President of the blue moon paper manufacturing board chairman Mr. Wen Jun Lee, Shaoneng paper Chairman Mr. Zhong Qiyue attended the ceremony, witnessed the birth of the first WAL-MART China area Zhang unbleached paper sales! The conference site around the "nature" theme closely, the natural reproduction of the original bamboo field layout space, originality, color display; the conference session contains fresh bamboo dance, elegant zither playing, interesting magic show, and the charm of product display, showing a perfect natural color, at the beginning of the source of "product concept; more donation ceremony. The blue moon to take practical action to support the cause of environmental protection Chinese, dissemination of health paper life philosophy. Paper towel consumption new upgrade blue moon take the first step! Shenzhen city blue moon Paper Co., to guide the health of consumers Chinese paper, be yourself and embrace the nature "as the enterprise mission, adhering to the" become the integration of the first color paper brand "as the goal, to keep healthy, safe, organic living standards, to provide quality of life paper brand for consumers to create the domestic healthy living paper high quality brand. This month, China’s first real WAL-MART paper sales was born in October 30th, China’s first real WAL-MART paper sales on the day of birth. The blue moon unbleached paper as the representative of the natural group living paper will break the WAL-MART Shopping Plaza (China) white toilet paper domination. The blue moon bamboo unbleached paper is the use of advanced ultra high temperature processing technology, extraction of natural organic raw bamboo fiber as raw material, the whole does not add any bleaching agent, fluorescent agent, keep the natural color, bamboo fiber antibacterial no scraps and no chemical residue soft skin. But the traditional papermaking, the bleached softwood pulp and bleached hardwood pulp and its pulping process for sulfate, chlorine bleaching process using the bleaching process, so it is inevitable to produce two? The trace residue. In many developed countries, the paper has become the mainstream of the use of paper, environmental groups and government support. The blue moon color paper by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quality inspection, color paper towels to let people use assured, healthy, it is the choice for infants and pregnant paper. This is not only a paper, but also a way of life. With the rapid development of China’s economy, people’s awareness of environmental protection and resource conservation.相关的主题文章: