Parents who have great influence on children’s IQ cibi

It is wrong for parents who have a great influence on their children’s IQ and the influence of their IQ on their children, because the growth environment has a more important role in human intelligence. Recently, the network spread a saying, "marry a smart wife, children will be very clever, because the genes related to human intelligence is mainly concentrated on the X chromosome, females have two X chromosomes, only one male, the mother of intelligence in genetics occupies a more important position. For boys, it is completely influenced by the mother’s intelligence. This argument is reliable? Pointed out that the British Journal "Nature Genetics review" in the 2005 sixth issue of the magazine "X" chromosome intellectual influence, thousands of protein encoding genes on the X chromosome in at least 40% are expressed in the brain, this ratio is higher than that of autosomes, far more than the Y chromosome. That is to say, the X chromosome has a great influence on the brain development and intelligence. However, according to research in the United States, mother and son’s IQ correlation with the father to the son’s IQ difference of less than 10%, so a small gap is not enough to explain the mother’s intelligence has substantial effect on children. Institute of Psychology.CAS researcher Wang Li said that the gene is the main material of genetic variation, to direct the synthesis of proteins to form encoding to control brain works, genetic determinism is wrong, because the growth environment for people’s intelligence has a more important role. At the same time, splitting and genetic is a very complex process, in the process of how to be handed down from age to age, children inherit their parents’ genes also have a certain randomness, so it is also a "mathematical genius". Tang Yiyuan, President of the Institute of brain imaging at the University of science and technology in Dezhou, said that human genetics is done under the combined action of multiple pairs of chromosomes, rather than just a pair of chromosomes. "Itself is a perfect system, many factors affecting the human body system is the biological mechanism that gene is on the one hand, but also affected by the environment and human impact in experience and behavior environment, influenced by the environment after learned behavior and self regulating mode which in turn influences and restricts gene expression. Therefore, the gene is only from a purely physiological point of view to determine the potential of intelligence, whether it can be developed by the day after tomorrow to dig and cultivate." According to the comprehensive evaluation of scientists, the impact of genetic intelligence about half or so, the remaining half of the environment by the growth of the day after tomorrow, in the daily life of the mother’s influence may be greater. Mother is the child’s first teacher, a high level of education of the mother will give children a good family education. Physiologically, in some remote areas, the level of education of women of childbearing age are generally not high, generally small, due to premature birth, their bones and tissues are not mature, if the task is easy to assume the gestation on fetal growth and adverse effects, such as ischemia, malnutrition, also increase the risk of mental injury. The influence of intelligence is very complex, and from the genetic point of view, the chromosome is split and full of mystery". So,相关的主题文章: