Peng Jincheng data weak interest rates hopeless gold rally jiejiegao

Peng Jincheng: weak data on interest rates hopeless gold rally jiejiegao clients view the latest market payrolls data finally was unable to break the "Curse of August", thus become a strong power to reverse the pattern of the international price of gold, but also for the "golden nine silver ten" season kicked off. After the market after the non farm passion, on Tuesday (September 6th) the market has come to a new batch of U.S. economic data, the weak data again gold prices have been boosted. The main reason is the influence by the United States ISM non manufacturing data, the data since February 2010 most of the time is also just passable, 8 years since a single month fell the most powerful one. Therefore, the overnight gold hit a high $1352 ounce line, followed by a slight retracement correction, late to close at $1349 an ounce line, or after the referendum on British champions back the next day, a nearly three week closing high. As we all know, the international gold price is very sensitive to the publication of the data, the main cause of the recent rally or weak U.S. economic data, the Fed rate hike in September will play a key role, but now it seems a September hike or has become a bubble. Because the data is not ideal means that the Fed rate hike is expected to reduce the market, from which the sniff taste out of the direction, which is consistent with the gold bulls personal ideas the author insists, further confirms the Fed rate hike in September will not really implement the view. On the current situation, the public number Peng Jincheng analysis market involves all interest related messages will be expanded, both adhere to the interest of the party or the opposition party, are in need of powerful data, inflation, economic, and so on all aspects of labor standards in order to implement, and is not an official or a positive data can be implemented to raise interest rates. Plus the UK back in Europe so far no large-scale damage to the global economy, the market seems to have gradually faded, but the outlook is not optimistic, because economic growth situation is not good, no more talk of recovery. There is a blueprint for the planning of life, the life is not planning puzzles. The same is true of the transaction, when the shock less impetuous, a little more calm, unilateral less impulsive, a little more firm. As I mentioned yesterday in the article, the international price of short-term resistance is 1330-1332 area, and this area is broken after the gold price will usher in more market rebound, basically the overnight market has validated the said. At present, we need to be concerned about the price of gold will not be suppressed by the downstream channel, such as being suppressed by the downstream channel, then the price of gold may shock correction. If you can break through the strong channel, then the price of gold may once again challenge the new high. On the other hand, in the "golden nine silver ten" this season, India as the world’s largest gold consumer in September, farmers usually use their income to buy gold to store wealth, rather than in the bank. From this point of view, because physical gold demand upgrade, then the international gold prices will continue to rise. Yesterday the price of gold in the United States set positive data case is pushed on in one fell swoop, intraday highest hit $1352, recorded on a daily column under the shadow of the sun. In the sun after the variable set down may.相关的主题文章: