Pension to enter the intensive adjustment period is not issued by each individual 6.5% sunny came home

Enter the pension payment period of intensive adjustment not everyone by 6.5% additional new pension scheme for more than 100 million people Yan Bing Zhang Hongteng Lei Gongming He Cheng source: People’s Daily Overseas Edition   recently, the 12 provinces of Shanghai, Beijing, Shaanxi and Yunnan (autonomous regions and municipalities) have the public pension adjustment scheme, pension payment period into intensive adjustment. After the introduction of the policy, is expected to have about 85000000 retirees and retirees of enterprises and institutions of the about 17000000 institutions benefit. The overall adjustment level is 6.5% according to the Ministry of human resources and the Ministry of Finance issued in April 15th "on 2016 to adjust the basic pension for retirees notice", from January 1, 2016, 2015 before the end of the year have been required for enterprise and machine retirement procedures and receive a monthly basic pension of retirees to raise the level of basic pension, the overall adjustment level in 2015 the average monthly basic pension for retirees about 6.5%. It is reported that the pension adjustment, since 2005, the twelfth increase in pensions for retirees. Chinese Labor Association vice president Su Hainan said in an interview, or determine the 6.5% is "scientific and reasonable decision to consider a variety of factors of retirees living security and social security funds to pay affordability etc.". Landing pension adjustment programs, will undoubtedly make many retirees to eat a "reassurance". So, after the pension adjustment in the end how much money? Beijing enterprise retirees, for example, after the pension adjustment, the average monthly pension will be raised to 3573 yuan, more than the previous $218. Throughout the pension plan has been announced, the general adjustment to take the quota, hook adjustment and appropriate tilt adjustment method. Guangxi, Yunnan, Liaoning, Jiangsu and other places have also been clear of the pension payment schedule, require pension payments to retirees in the hands before the end of September. Enterprises and institutions to adjust the understanding of the author, the first time to achieve simultaneous adjustment of enterprises and institutions retirees pension, pension adjustment is a major bright spot. In January 14, 2015, the State Council issued "on the reform of endowment insurance system in Institutions of staff", the implementation of the basic old-age insurance system of social pooling and individual accounts for the specific organs and institutions pension, declared the "dual track" end. With the abolition of the dual track system, retirees pension institutions, enterprises and enterprises in accordance with the same approach, by the national unified adjustment. Some critics have pointed out that this is a step towards the establishment of a more reasonable adjustment mechanism for basic old-age insurance benefits, this mechanism will cover all insured. In September 8th, Jiangsu Province issued retirees pension adjustment programs, requirements for enterprise retirees basic pension per capita adjustment of more than 7% institutions retirees per capita basic pension adjustment will be controlled within 5.5%. In this regard, Hanan said the author, "the organs and institutions and enterprises to adjust the amplitude相关的主题文章: