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The promotion of Project Fi:Nexus devices can be connected to Google’s free public WiFi Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on August 25th, Google announced this week, the Nexus device will allow users of virtual operators Project Fi connection free public WiFi hotspots, instead of replacing the current hand machine package. Project Fi provides WiFi assistant technology, the device can automatically and securely connect to free public WiFi hotspots. Google said on Tuesday that this feature will be available to all users of Nexus devices, regardless of the user who is using the network operator. Google launched Project Fi in April 2015. The service uses the T-Mobile and Sprint mobile communication networks, as well as the local WiFi network. Currently, Project Fi utilizes more than 1 million WiFi hotspots to provide inexpensive Internet connections. In the case of the WiFi network is not available, Project Fi will automatically switch to Sprint and T-Mobile networks to ensure continuity of service. The key point of the Project Fi service is to seamlessly switch between the public WiFi network and the mobile communication network without having to manually operate the user. When the user is on the WiFi network, Google will encrypt the connection to ensure the security of data transmission. Currently, Google allows all Nexus device users, whether or not they pay to order Project Fi services, are using this feature. This will help users save mobile data traffic. Simon, general manager of Google Project ·, Fi (Simon Arscott) said to explore a variety of ways, from Project Fi technology will be applied to mainstream products, which is part of Google’s plan. He said: "Project Fi is a test platform for innovative concepts. Through the Nexus product line, we think this is a good opportunity to promote this technology to more users." This feature will appear on the Android 5.1 or higher version of the system running on Nexus devices, including Nexus 4, 5, 6 and 6P smart phones, as well as Nexus, 9, 10 tablet PC. Users can choose to turn on or off this feature. (Qiu Yue)相关的主题文章: