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Travel-and-Leisure Rajasthan is the gateway to Indian tourism with various dramatic beauty of monuments, forts, palaces and exhilarating beauty of parks and picturesque lakes. There are also a variety of fabulous destinations that have own unique charm and beauty. Visit to Pushkar, Jaisalmer-the golden city of India, Udaipur -the lake city of India, Jaipur-the pink city of India, Jodhpur -the princely state of India and other fabulous city on your tour package. These places are the heart beat of Rajasthan and hide some of the most beautiful tourist attraction. How one can miss a chance to enjoy a safari ride on the camels back on their visit to this golden state of India. The best Camel safari is enjoyed in Jaisalmer and Bikaner. Enjoy the safari tour and you will come to know the richness and the beauty that lies in the barren dessert of this colorful state of India. The Best Attraction to see Udaipur – The lake city of India is the most visited by the tourist on their tour, its picturesque Pichola Lake and the beautiful palaces and forts leaves spell bound. It is a capital of the Ranas of Mewar, founded in the 16th century, the marble palaces, beautifully laid out gardens and the lakes make Udaipur seem almost like a mirage in the desert. Jaipur – Jaipur is famous for its semi- precious stones & elephant ride at 15th Century Amer fort Palace. The city offers an endless variety of crafts and paintings. Few of the prime attractions of Jaipur are various forts and palaces such as Amer Palace; City Palace, the imposing gateway of the City Palace is guarded by stone elephants; Hawa Mahal, a multi-layered palace, with a profusion of windows and stone screens; Jai Garh; Jal Mahal, Jaipur’s lake palace, surrounded with water and many others. Fair and Festival – There is a celebration for every religious occasion, every change of season and every harvest, all invariably a reflection of the genius of their arts and crafts and their ascetic refinement. In fact, celebrations occur almost round the year and are a splendid opportunity for tourists to gain an insight into the life of the Rajasthan during their travel. Dance and music- The folk dance and music of Rajasthan are lively, exhilarating, hypnotic and compelling. A part of the eternal appeal of this strange and wondrous land, Rajasthan folk dance and music is a part of life in Rajasthan. Rajasthan cuisine – Rajasthan boasts of many a fine kitchen – both within the palaces and outside. Princely kitchens have produced many an incomparable and exotic delicacy of shikar (game) meat. The smoked Rajasthani kebab – sule – is bare-be-cued in about a dozen different ways. At the other extreme is Maheshwari Cuisine or the vegetarian cuisine of the Maheshwars of the Marwar or the Jodhpur area. Visit Rajasthan , Rajasthan Travel , Rajasthan Tourism 相关的主题文章: