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Real Madrid defender refused to dig Shenhua Coach: C Luomeixi sooner or later to super – Sohu sports Arbeloa refused to invite   to Hong Kong Shenhua; Shanghai coach Erickson coached a season in the Super League, has now seen Chinese Jinyuan capital. In the mirror interview, Erickson said Rooney is likely to play in China, and Messi and C may even come to China in the future. Erickson said: now the super team out of the 500 thousand pounds per week for Rooney, although the United captain refused lucrative contracts, but the super boss believes that the future of Rooney became the history of Manchester United striker Wang, it is possible to play soccer. However, Erickson did not point out which club offered the price for Rooney. And Rooney is currently away from Bobby Charlton’s Manchester United individual 250 goal record is only 6 goals, in England has become the best scorer in history. Rooney is currently in Manchester for 300 thousand pounds a week, while the super club out of 500 thousand a week makes Rooney’s income will be a substantial leap. And Erickson himself admitted that he wanted to get Lu Xiaopang, that is when he coached the three lions, Rooney set up for the team offensive core. Super team is currently in the five major leagues to dig, mainly to the players out of ultra high annual salary, when the players nodded agreement, and then try to run the transfer operation. Shanghai Shenhua is Arbeloa out of 8 million euros, but the Real Madrid veteran face hefty salary declined. Avei Loa, 33 years old, is now in a completely marginalized position at Real Madrid, when Real Madrid’s all-around guard didn’t even get a chance. Born in 1983, Arbeloa is Real Madrid Genzheng Miao red youth player, 2006 by Real Madrid to La Coruna to accept the temper, then played two years in Liverpool. The summer of 2009 with a price of 5 million pounds by Real Madrid after repurchase, and Mourinho’s Pellegrini is the best choice for fullback, one characteristic to be able to play left back defender made their real madrid two managers favor. After returning to Real Madrid, Avei Loa played 230 games in 7 seasons and scored 6 goals. Successively won the two King Cup champion, La Liga, UEFA Champions League, West Super Cup, European Super Cup and World Club Cup 1 times. But from the coach Ancelotti, Arbeloa was Carvajal stole the main position, this season only played 3 league games, 1 games and 2 games in the Champions League cup. But although the age is bigger, but as the back guard rarely assists, then make their physical fitness will not be too limited, defensive stability is its biggest advantage. But in the face of 8 million euros, ave Luo Yaming know to play soccer can earn more money, but still refused, Spanish veteran insists he is thinking about the future of Real Madrid to fulfill the contract, or retired, or another. (Bell Moder) 申花挖皇马铁卫遭拒 名帅:C罗梅西早晚去中超-搜狐体育 阿韦罗亚拒绝申花邀请    上海上港主教练埃里克森在中超执教多个赛季,如今已经见识到了中国金元资本的厉害。在接受《镜报》采访时,埃里克森表示鲁尼极有可能来中超踢球,未来梅西和C罗甚至都有可能来到中国。   埃里克森表示:如今已经有中超球队为鲁尼开出了50万英镑的周薪,虽然曼联队长拒绝了诱人的合同,但是中超老板认为未来鲁尼成为了曼联队史射手王,就有可能来到中超踢球。不过埃里克森并没有指出是哪个俱乐部为鲁尼开出了报价。   而鲁尼目前距离博比-查尔顿的曼联个人250球纪录仅差6球,在英格兰队已经成为了历史最佳射手。目前鲁尼在曼联的周薪为30万英镑,而中超俱乐部开出的50万英镑周薪则使得鲁尼的收入会有实质性的飞跃。而埃里克森本人也承认自己非常想得到鲁小胖,当年正是自己执教三狮军团时将鲁尼树立为球队进攻核心。   中超球队目前在五大联赛挖人主要是先向球员开出超高年薪,当球员点头同意后,再努力运转转会操作。而上海申花则为阿韦罗亚开出了800万欧元的报价,但是皇马老将面对不菲的薪水婉言拒绝。   今年33岁的阿韦罗亚在如今在皇马已经地位彻底边缘化,当年皇马的全能型边卫如今甚至得不到替补的机会。1983年出生的阿韦罗亚是皇马根正苗红的青训球员,2006年被皇马送到拉科鲁尼亚接受锤炼,随后还在利物浦踢了两年。2009年夏天则以500万英镑的价格被皇马回购,此后在佩莱格里尼和穆里尼奥手下都是边后卫的不二人选,自己能够踢左后边后卫的万金油特性则使得自己得到皇马两任主帅的青睐。   在重新回到皇马之后,阿韦罗亚在7个赛季里共踢了230场比赛,打进6球。先后获得两次国王杯冠军,西甲、欧冠、西超杯、欧超杯和世俱杯各1次。不过从安切洛蒂执教以后,阿韦罗亚被卡瓦哈尔抢走了主力位置,本赛季仅出战3场联赛、1场国王杯和2场欧冠。   而阿韦罗亚虽然年龄偏大,但是出任边后卫很少助攻,则使得自己的体能不会受到太大的限制,防守稳健是其最大的优点。不过面对800万欧元的年薪,阿韦罗亚明知自己来中超踢球可以赚到更多的钱,但依然拒绝,西班牙老将坚持自己在皇马履行完合同再考虑未来,或者退役,或者另谋出处。   (贝尔摩德)相关的主题文章: