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Womens-Issues For men, removing facial hair is a simple process that is a natural part of life. For some women, on the other hand, the process of removing facial hair is a more serious issue and personal problem. Not all women have a problem with facial hair but it is more .mon that most of us realize. One out of every ten women suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This is a reproductive disease that produces excess facial hair in of those affected. Another cause is hormonal changes that are normal during menopause. Several prescription drugs are, also, known to produce a side effect of facial hair growth. These are just the three most .mon causes. There are other, less .mon, causes. In most cultures, facial hair is a masculine trait and is not considered to be attractive on women. This leads many women to search out a method of removing facial hair. One way to remove the hair is to pull it out one hair at a time. This is usually done with tweezers. Depending on where the hair is and how much there is this can be a painful and time consuming method. This is effective for a couple weeks. Shaving is the most .mon way to attack the problem. Its quick and painless unless you get razor burn or cut yourself. This is only effective for about a day and you will have stubble between shavings. Bleaching is a quick method that doesnt actually remove the hair but makes it a lot more difficult for people to notice it. There are kits available to do this but if you have irritated skin after using you should discontinue this process. It should be effective for a few days. There are cream hair removal products available that dissolves the hair. Unless there is an allergic reaction and you dont leave the cream on too long this is painless. There will be an odor similar to getting a perm. There products can be effective for a week to ten days. Laser hair removal is gaining popularity. It is most effective when you have light skin and dark hair. The results can last for up to three months but the price tag is high when .pared to other treatments. You will need to have this performed by a qualified dermatologist. Side effects can include changes in your skin pigmentation in that area so choose your professional wisely. Electrolysis is a very effective method for facial hair removal. The drawback is that it is expensive and can be painful. The benefit is that the results are usually permanent. It is done by placing a needle next to an individual hair follicle and running electricity through the hair. The hair is then plucked out and on to the next hair. Its a time consuming process. Once again, you should find a reputable provider that offers this service. These are the most .mon methods, today, for removing facial hair. There will be more ways to hit the market soon as technology advances. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: