Repent Philippines’s president promised not to swear (Bilingual)

Repent? Philippines’s president promised not to swear (Bilingual) Philippines President Duthel Te said he had received a divine revelation, almost can not go back to the motherland, then can not speak, this is true? President Duthel Te of Philippines Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte known for his colorful — ahem — language, swears he’s going to stop swearing. – to – what rich and colorful language known as Philippines’s president · Duthel Rodriguez; swear that he would not swear. The inspiration for cleaning up his vocabulary came from God himself, Duterte said, as he was flying back to the Philippines from a state visit to Japan. and Duthel Te said, this is in his state visit to Japan after flying back to Philippines from God to enlightenment. " Everybody was asleep, snoring but, a voice said " If you don’t… Stop (cursing), I will bring this plane down now." And I said, " Who is; this " of course? So, it’s, God, " the President recounted after he landed Thursday at Davao International Airport. "everyone was asleep, snoring in as one falls, another rises, all of a sudden a voice:" if you do this again outspoken call down, I will let the plane crash. " "Who’s talking to me? I asked, of course, that’s god." This Thursday, the president landed in Davao International Airport after about this section of memories. " So promised God to express slang, cuss words and everything, " said Duterte – who questioned the of God – adding that clean existence recently相关的主题文章: