Rich Homeless People Are Taking Over America – Will You Be One Of

Internet-and-Business-Online What In The World? A new innovation for the new rich – to live in a fashion never lived before – living simple and striking it rich – cappuccino, anyone. Why Would I Want To Be Homeless? Simply put, because being homeless is awesome. You can pick up just like that – free of ties – and go. At any moment you can pick up and move everything you have to a whole new area of the world – you can eat at the finest restaurants, swim in the most beautiful oceans, hike the most magnificent trails, and do everything else that’s glorious. In the past, homelessness was associated with lack, poverty, and sickness, but times have changed. The internet, technology, and innovations in shipping create an opportunity to run a business in any part of the world – while you are in any other area of the world. It is now possible to do, as the movie says: Live Free Or Die Hard – The Freedom Of The Homeless Awaits: So, being homeless, rich, and free, I thought I would show you the most important rules to square away before you venture out into the anti-society that has long awaited you. Rule 1: Get a Van (sleeping in a tent gets old fast, and buses aren’t the funnest) – Have you ever realized that you can fit a full Queen sized bed in the average Cargo Van? Rule #1 of Homeless-Abundance: Live the life, in style… Plus, if you ever want to move out of country, you can acquire a suitable new home (a.k.a. ‘van’) almost immediately in any area of the world. If you want to be popular and ‘Go Green’ you can get a diesel and do a ‘Ninja Upgrade’ and it will run on vegetable oil… No one will ever know, your on your way to homeless abundance. Rule 2: Get a Gym Membership… or Stay in the Tropics. Let’s face it, most homeless people smell. The reason they smell is because they don’t shower. The smelly problem has a simple solution: Gold’s Gym. Some of the better gyms have places you can go all over the states, and even some out of country. If you live in Hawaii like me, you can shower at the beaches, although it’s a bit cold… Consider it the Rich Homeless man’s rent. Rule 3: Be a Ninja. Let’s face it, you’re slightly more likely to get in fights if you’re homeless than if you’re not, so be prepared. The good thing is, most areas of the world have a good kung fu school, or if you’re into the Japanese – you could always study Ninjitsu. The world needs more Rich Homeless Ninjas. Rule 4: Start a Mobile Business(NOT mobile phones, as in – it goes where you go). With the internet, the sky’s the limit. I operate a business I started for under $500 that ships products and has distributors all over the USA, and I can do it from anywhere that has a phone and the internet… Being homeless is totally sweet, if you’re rich. The world your oyster as you operate your secret ‘Ninja’ transactions from your new mobile-office, more .monly known as ‘Starbucks’. Have you ever gone on a Ninja sneak mission? I have. That’s because I’m homeless. (Not to mention rich.) So there you have it. The four cardinal rules of the new ‘Homeless Rich.’ I’ll see you at the finest restaurants, swim with you at the most pristine beaches, and laugh as you go back to work, because I live where I am, free. Life, as they say, is fabulous. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: