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Automobiles Even though the Honda Odyssey has been tricked out to be a vehicle even Homer might take on his journey, it never hurts to keep trying to break out of that minivan mold. Thats what Honda has achieved with the new 2011 Odyssey. Its being billed as more spacious, more efficient and has even been called athletic. Hmm . . . Santa Clara used Honda customers will definitely wasnt to see this newly-sculpted Odyssey. It will still hold all the kids and cargo, but will look much better doing so. Honda gave a sneak peek during the Chicago auto show and says they are trying to appeal to younger buyers. Visual appeal is the first hurdle, as Honda competes with many other makers of mini vans. That special look will get the buyers to come in and a drive the Odyssey, and thats where they will be hooked. Moving quickly away from the box on wheels image of the mini van, Honda wants to cater to those who need seating room and cargo space but prefer a sleek ride. Honda even brought in some customers to help redesign the new Odyssey. They suggested easier handling and something sportier. They also wanted a distinctive look that wont disappear in the parking lot. Fremont used car buyers will be especially pleased with the new shape. To attain that shape, Honda slanted the windshield and added more taper to the rear line of the roof. From the side, the read window angles toward the rear and looks very streamlined. This window also is taller than the others which give the Odyssey a bit of a lightning bolt shape over the side panels. Built lower to the ground and a bit wider, the wheel wells have been bumped out to mimic the look of a sport utility vehicle. With a six-speed automatic transmission instead of a five-speed, the Odyssey even has a new technology that will turn of three of the six cylinders in the engine to save on fuel. So it will get 28 mpg highway and should appeal to the young 30s crowd as opposed to the Baby Boomers who were the group most likely to buy the previous Odyssey model. Thats what Honda and its Freemont used car dealers are counting on, anyway. One customer expressed the desire for something more fashionable. Needing the space of a mini van for her sons and their sports equipment she complained jokingly, No one ever checks you out when youre driving a mini van! Lets hope Santa Clara used Honda customers and others around the country share her opinion and agree that the Odyssey crossed the line into fashionable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: