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Sauteed Green Beans, is your fault? Sohu maternal summer although nice, hot weather can be really suffocating. After a nap, the monkey Pipi was having a younger brother and grandmother cooked mung bean soup, next to a small raccoon excitedly came and said breathlessly: "monkey boy, pipi, came to see the" Toy Story ", the film especially good-looking". The monkey I listen to, immediately to the spirit, clapped his hands and said: "Oh yeah! The weather is hot, I’m a listless." Pipi is happy. Three buddy came to the small raccoon family, father and mother raccoon raccoon went to work, they can’t wait to turn on the TV, earnest sitting on the sofa and began to watch movies, I love the monkey in the film X-Men space buzz, he dreamed of having a Ba Si light-years away the toys. "Oh yo ~ ~ my stomach is so painful ah?" Small raccoon suddenly clutching his stomach, said. The monkey boy smiled and said: "you are not going to pull the stool, when my stomach hurts as long as shit is all right." "Maybe you put a fart will be better, when I have a stomach ache is to fart." Said Pipi seriously. Small raccoon forehead braved the bean big sweat, his hands clutching her stomach, mouth trembling: "oh! Good pain ah!" Suddenly, a small raccoon mouth, suddenly vomiting splinters, to see the film monkey brother Pipi and scared, I don’t know what to do. Monkey boy Jizhongshengzhi, hurriedly called Pipi to take care of a small raccoon, he hurried home to tell my grandmother. Soon, my grandmother came, she touched the Raccoon’s forehead, and help him rubbing the stomach, pain, pain!" Small raccoon crying. "A small raccoon, what you eat today?" Grandmother asked in a hurry. "No, not what ah, what I didn’t eat lunch," said the little raccoon feeble. My grandmother went to the table, see the table have scrambled egg with tomato, winter melon soup, cabbage, and a Sauteed Green Beans fry meat, the grandmother of the end Sauteed Green Beans look, seem to understand what. "Must eat this dish Sauteed Green Beans poisoning, monkey boy, you just stay at home, I went to the hospital to send a small raccoon." Grandma said, go back. Monkey brother Pipi and never mind the movie, "strange, we eat vegetables are toxic?" Pipi said, puzzled to see the monkey monkey brother, the younger brother also shook his head and said: "yes ah, too terrible!" Then, I suddenly remembered what the monkey, opened the door to rush outside, "you off, where are you going?" Pipi hurriedly asked him. "Don’t worry about me, I’ll be right back!" I hurried to my grandmother monkey garden, look at East, the West look, found the beans hanging in the branches on the vine, quickly ran over and asked: "you are Sauteed Green Beans?" "I’m not Sauteed Green Beans, I also called my beans, cowpea, beans" shook the slim said: "I live in Sauteed Green Beans later!" I turned to the monkey相关的主题文章: