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Fitness-Equipment Gym class is a lot different than it use to be. Back in the day, a note from Mom could get you out of gym class altogether, and for the most benign of reasonsa toothache, a headache, or simply because you didnt want to dress out on that particular day. This is not the case today. With the increase of overweight and obese children here in the United States, it is imperative that children actively engage in physical, cardiovascular activities offered through churches and schools, if for no other reason than to help prevent life-threatening conditions like diabetes and heart disease. According to a 2004 Centers for Disease Control (CDC) research report regarding a study conducted from 19992002, 16 % of all American children (9 million+) aged 6-19 year were considered overweight or obese;" that number is 3Xs what it was in 1980! Additionally, the report stated that during this same time period, an additional 15% were "at risk of overweight". With this in mind, schools have made gym class (PE physical education) mandatory in many schools across the country, which is a step in the right direction. Many schools have even begun offering more activities to appeal to more students, ranging from soccer and La Crosse to gymnastics and swimming. However, with the additional sports .es additional equipment, which requires additional space. Therein lays the problem for many schools the need for extra space to store their extra gear. Smart athletic directors are turning to self storage facilities for that extra space. Soccer .s, La Crosse sticks, helmets, track hurdles and balance beams can all be stored off-site at a conveniently-located self storage facility. This frees up space in both the equipment and locker rooms, as well as adding an additional layer of security for the schools sports equipment, as most self storage facilities now offer 24/7 video monitoring and state-of-the-art security, preventing theft and vandalism of the schools investment in equipment. Churches and civic .anizations that sponsor and/or promote athletic teams have also capitalized on self storage for their equipment extra space needs. Their coaches can easily access their storage units prior to practices or games, and store the gear safely and securely when the game or the season is over. This is ideal for teams with multiple coaches, too, because keys and/or pass codes can be shared among them, which gives the coaches flexibility in the event one coach is absent or unable to attend. So get in the game. Score a self storage unit for your teams gear if you find yourselves needing some extra space! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: