Shandong former vice mayor of Binzhou without authorization for private business was dismissed 9c8921

Shandong former vice mayor of Binzhou without authorization for private business was dismissed former vice mayor of Binzhou Wang Yu (data plan) recently, the Shandong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 7 from the central eight provisions violate the spirit of the typical problems are as follows: the Binzhou municipal government and former party member and deputy mayor Wang Yu without authorization for private business, the use of his office arrangements management service fees for I accept and relatives, may affect the impartial execution of official banquets, by the party a serious warning and removal process, confiscate the proceeds of discipline. Shandong media Career Academy illegal payment of allowances and bonuses, college secretary of the Party committee Li Lian, bear the main leadership responsibility, deputy party secretary, President Sun Qianyun; Li Lian also used his office for the benefit of others and relatives and accepting property. Li Lian punished by removal from party posts, illegal income shall be confiscated by the party warning; sun Qianyun. Vice president of Shandong Normal University Party committee, Yu Tao Gongjusiyong by the party warning, I pay related costs. Yuncheng County Committee Party Secretary, chairman Xu Shuzhen borrowed for father’s funeral accepting illegal gifts, by the party warning, confiscate the proceeds of discipline. Tai’an city Daiyue District Construction Engineering Quality Supervision Station of the original owners Qu Huanchang line 6 of the units of public funds to travel beyond the standard payment of summer cooling costs, false vehicle maintenance fees offset hospitality and expert evaluation fee, Qu Huanchang by the party a serious warning and administrative demotion, and other personnel from the corresponding treatment; confiscate the proceeds of discipline. Management Office of Rizhao City construction engineering bidding bidding bidding bidding management section chief Ni Xia violations make arrangements for their wedding, by the party a serious warning, confiscate the proceeds of discipline. Standard spare parts, former chief Xu Guangjie, Laiwu Steel Group Steel Co. ironworks the former deputy director Li Jingye accept the business object arrange travel non mechanical power department of Shandong iron and steel company Laiwu branch of Limited by Share Ltd, are subject to party a serious warning. Notification requirements, Party organizations at all levels should strictly implement overall responsibility, carry out self-discipline standards as an important starting point to improve the style, cultivate noble moral sentiment, consciously resist unhealthy practices of Party members and cadres, strict discipline, discipline from the bottom line; common problems for investigation, deepening reform, perfecting the system, plug the loopholes catch, and long-term habits. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should use the iron discipline to correction of the four winds problem on file for investigation of invisible variation, not only, do not accept the hand of discipline violations have many on how much processing, increase efforts to inform the exposure, the more back the more strict discipline, more heavy; not in place of the responsibility firmly accountable, really let the spirit of the eight Central provisions air plant. (Shandong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection) editor: Joe’s SN098

山东滨州原副市长擅自因私外出被免职 滨州市原副市长王瑜(资料图)   近日,山东省纪委通报7起违反中央八项规定精神典型问题,如下:   滨州市政府原党组成员、副市长王瑜擅自因私外出,利用职务便利安排管理服务对象为本人及亲属支付住宿费,接受可能影响公正执行公务的宴请,受到党内严重警告处分和免职处理,违纪所得予以收缴。   山东传媒职业学院违规发放津贴奖金,学院时任党委书记李连,学院党委副书记、院长孙茜芸负主要领导责任;李连还利用职务便利为他人和亲友谋取利益并收受财物。李连受到撤销党内职务处分,违纪所得予以收缴;孙茜芸受到党内警告处分。   山东师范大学党委常委、副校长于涛公车私用,受到党内警告处分,本人缴纳相关费用。   郓城县政协党组书记、主席徐淑珍借办理父亲丧事违规收受礼金,受到党内警告处分,违纪所得予以收缴。   泰安市岱岳区建筑工程质量监督站原站长曲焕长一行6人公款旅游,该单位超标准发放防暑降温费、虚开车辆维修费冲抵招待费和专家评审费,曲焕长受到党内严重警告、行政撤职处分,其他参与人员受到相应处理;违纪所得予以收缴。   日照市建设工程招标投标管理办公室招投标管理科科长倪霞违规操办孩子婚宴,受到党内严重警告处分,违纪所得予以收缴。   山东钢铁股份有限公司莱芜分公司机械动力部非标备件科原科长徐光杰、莱钢集团银山型钢有限公司炼铁厂原副厂长李京业接受业务对象安排旅游,分别受到党内严重警告处分。   通报要求,各级党组织要落实全面从严治党主体责任,把贯彻廉洁自律准则作为改进作风的重要抓手,引导党员干部 培养高尚道德情操、自觉抵制不良风气,严格遵规守纪,远离纪律底线;针对查处的共性问题,深化改革、健全制度,堵塞漏洞,抓出长效和习惯。各级纪检监察机 关要用铁的纪律纠治“四风”,深挖细查隐形变异问题,对不收手不知止、顶风违纪的有多少就处理多少,加大通报曝光力度,越往后执纪越严、处理越重;对履责 不到位的坚决问责,真正让中央八项规定精神落地生根。(山东省纪委) 责任编辑:乔雷华 SN098相关的主题文章: