Shanghai International Arts Festival ended excellent original novel into going out market main

Shanghai International Art Festival ended outstanding original works to "go out" market "main force" – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, November 15 (Wang Ji) with the new version of the new opera house in Moscow in 2008 the creation of "Russian National Opera" "King Igor", the first China stage, which lasted 35 days of the eighteenth session of Shanghai international art Chinese section 15 evening ended at the Shanghai grand theatre. During this once a year to prise the cultural feast, from 64 countries and 30 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) China in Hong Kong and Macao and a total of 13000 personnel in Shanghai art, various art activities benefiting about 4000000 audience. According to statistics, the festival’s 49 plays, 101 main stage shows the average percentage and attendance of over 90%, among them, the Shanghai national orchestra music scene "," the sea folk Mariinsky theatre ballet "Romeo and Juliet", the national theatre drama "Fayuan Temple of Beijing" 16 drama to the rate of 100%. For this autumn Shanghai this cultural feast, many of the audience in an interview with News Agency reporters said, high-quality artistic performances and diverse presentation is deeply memorable. Such as Anne Mutter and Julia Sophie??? Two "Fisher violin goddess" Shanghai "Dou Qin", cellist Wang Jian and pianist Chen SA two Chinese performers joined forces, has become a hot topic for nearly a month in Shanghai on the audience. It is worth mentioning that two different versions of "were brought by the Mariinsky theatre ballet and the Stuttgart Ballet of Romeo and Juliet" during the "festival air fight", the formation of a scene. In the words of Reed, the artistic director of the Stuttgart ballet, "it’s the first time that I’ve ever met such an interesting thing in the world, only Shanghai has the ability to do so."." As for the international buyers who come in a throng for the festival this year trading platform will be the emergence of a number of China original work more impress them. Here, the international buyers watch the nearly 20 China original works, Zhang Jun’s "I, Hamlett", "the young choreographer of ancient Jiani works are acclaimed" bolt. Many buyers said that the promotion of the festival program and the "going out" selection of works of gold is more significantly than in previous years, outstanding original work has become China performing arts programs of "going out" market "main force". China Shanghai International Art Festival Organizing Committee executive vice secretary general Wang Jun, the festival center president told reporters, a total of more than 420 institutions from 60 countries and regions to participate in the festival fair this year, reached a total of more than 387 items involved during overseas projects and venture capital cooperation. Among them, the domestic performing arts go out of the intention of 146, the introduction of foreign programs to the intention of up to 196. (end)相关的主题文章: