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Silicon Valley big coffee gathered in West Ham enrolled and large coffee face to face in order to speed up the construction of the West Ham district national innovation demonstration base, enhance the Metro West Symphony investment efforts, further to the community to promote entrepreneurial innovation, Fengxi new city to promote entrepreneurship and innovation projects, sponsored by the new West ham Metro West Symphony CMC, Metro West symphony in the human resource and the Social Security Bureau of Shaanxi Province, West Ham District Information Industrial Park Investment and Development Co. Ltd., Plug And Play Chinese headquarters and the Xi’an science and technology market jointly hosted the world created for West Ham – cross-border Symphony West Metro Station "activities will be carried out in Shaanxi Province, West Ham District grand symphony West Metro Western cloud Valley in November 9, 2016. The event invited to Stanford University, lecturer, Professor of National University of Singapore, Plug And Play Tom Kosnik PayPal senior business consultant and angel investors, 23Seed fund partner, cross-border innovation research expert Peter Davison, from a global perspective, the topic in innovation and entrepreneurship development mode and cross-border aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship. Plug And Play Chinese headquarters from more than 400 through the layers of the interview in incubation project, the selection of the 16 Silicon Valley dedicated to the outstanding entrepreneurial enterprises to open up the market Chinese, by Plug And Play (Arthur Zhang) Chinese partner Zhang Yang led the 16 Silicon Valley startups CEO, and Shaanxi related industries to zero distance management and project communication enterprise development experience. The Silicon Valley project roadshow, showing the Silicon Valley high-tech venture enterprise technology and business model, to convey the concept of enterprise development to Chinese enterprises, implementation of the Sino American corporate culture thinking collision; through Sino US enterprise project matchmaking, to promote Silicon Valley enterprise project deepen Sino US enterprise landing Feng Xi, the international division of labor relations, strengthen international cooperation and collaborative innovation of the Metro West Symphony ability. Is West Ham Metro West symphony to broaden their horizons, enhance the great opportunity of entrepreneurship and innovation entrepreneurship and innovation quality, improve the entrepreneurial innovation service. Through a series of local enterprises in Shaanxi and the Silicon Valley business cooperation, expand the entrepreneurial innovation and investment in Fengxi new city visibility, will double Feng Xi brand bigger and stronger light, lay a solid foundation for business innovation to create a more fiery atmosphere. The Metro West symphony as West Ham national innovation demonstration base core bearing area, always uphold the "convergence of creativity, innovative ideas to create a new engine, with strong management support policy, perfect management service, perfect management facilities, rich management system, excellent living incubator, leading the new economic mode growth of West Ham district as well as the greater Xi’an area. The activities supported by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, science and Technology Department, the Department of industry, the Communist Youth League Committee of Shaanxi Province, West Ham District Management Committee and a number of superior departments; at the same time, the new West Ham business field, West Valley · Wizcom space, sunhoo · public record, Optics Valley entrepreneurial base made of coffee, Shaanxi big data information technology service Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Microsoft Innovation Center Plug An!相关的主题文章: