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UnCategorized To achieve Six Sigma levels of quality, an organization must improve the processes that are critical to customer satisfaction. Some of these processes belong to manufacturing. But others will belong to service and support organizations such as sales or maintenance. In many cases, processes will cut across the boundaries of traditional departments. In other cases, functions such as HR and Finance will need to provide expertise and support to the overall deployment (e.g. setting up the people selection processes or helping to track project cost savings). Thus one important out.e from the initial series of executive sessions is a coalition of all the functions in a Group, not just one or two departments. It is important to note that this does not mean that every function needs to have a Master Black Belt in order to participate. It does mean, however, that every function needs to be involved in the effort and work to integrate efforts. The selection of Master Black Belts — which functions they .e from — is a powerful way to ensure key functions are connected to Six Sigma. But even if assigning a Master Black Belt from a function doesn’t make sense at a point in time, it is important to assign a representative who can attend training and work with the Six Sigma team to ensure coordination with their function. A good example of this is the HR function. Another is the Finance .munity, who could help to create business cases, estimate and track project impact, and improve metrics. Six Sigma so that key business priorities and issues are addressed. For one .pany, short-term cost reduction may be the imperative because of huge losses. This case is very different from a business that is currently profitable, but has an opportunity to further strengthen its business by moving to a new a distinctive level of quality and customer satisfaction. Still another .anization may judge that much of its effort must address improving the innovation and quality of its product designs. Cycle time, in either manufacturing plants or in a service group might be yet another priority. This is not to say that these priorities are in conflict with each other. On the contrary, reduction of defects not only improves reliability, but also helps reduce cycle time. Transactional or information-intensive processes, such as a new product development process, can be optimized with Six Sigma tools as we would look at a manufacturing process. It also doesn’t mean that if we focus on, say, new product development, that we will not address other areas of our business. It means that for the purposes of roll-out we might choose to focus our initial efforts in one area, but that over time we will expand Six Sigma to include all processes critical to customer satisfaction. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: