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Some people, just passing through your life to pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: you have a lonely psychology Hello, received your letter. I do not know how your mood now, there is no rest? You say you are sad, I can feel your pain from between the lines, it is a kind of helpless sad, because of his betrayal, but also because of his loneliness. You are very good, he will, even at the expense of their own time, youth and career to help him, but after he managed to use the phrase "I don’t love you" kill you. I want to hear this sentence, you must not just sad, perhaps also puzzled and surprised. One of my friends, she had experience with you today so similar, virtuous the great lady in abandoned, even a questioning and accusations are not. Many years later, she told me, no tears, no abuse, because I suddenly woke up, he had already not himself, just dreaming. She went back to the single life has been refined, in addition to work, arrange a good time every day, cats, painting, bookstores, life has become a poem. Of course, how can such a lack of love in life, as beautiful as her, their own favor. Beautiful as she of course, not everyone can like her in pain after Nirvana rebirth. But you have not thought about what have become the "warm slag men now? Really, it is his unfeeling or wicked, have your own reason? At this point we’ll wait to discuss. You ask me how to make love longer, that’s a big problem. Each in love people are eager to love and enduring as the universe, but few people can really hold hands to white. In addition to the value of love, we can find the answer in the emotional aspects of people. We often talk about passion, love, infatuation and love, what is the difference between these? Passion, so hot, the snow and ice; love like honey, sweet and delicious, sometimes with acid; love is bitter taste of coffee, after turning, in order to know only their own personal sorrow and joy. And love can be like everything, or nothing. She can be warm or cold. Sometimes the sweet fragrance, occasionally see guadan. Let the courage to multiply, can also hurt, destroy. When love in the real passion receded, stripped of cover, dull away love, sweetly into phase two. Do you still have the confidence? Any Nirvana rebirth an intimate relationship will be influenced by various factors test, the most difficult is love. It was a metaphor, love is a shelf life, you should be careful care, avoid too early deterioration. It seems that people are well aware of the importance of freshness and the sense of the unknown for emotional support. At this point, how do you do it? Indeed, the close relationship with family, friends, and others, to a certain extent by the impact of the original family. The last mention of attachment theory is a good explanation for this, and I believe you understand it. We say, tangled anxiety – ambivalence, love for the company相关的主题文章: