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Exercise Taking good care of your back is important in order to prevent back pains and other injuries from occurring. Here are some ways in caring for your back. Lift properly. When attempting to lift any type of weight from the floor, lift with your legs with the help of your knees and not with your back. Bend your knees as you lower yourself close to the object, making sure that the back is straight and the object is near your body with the hands securely holding it. Then, lift the object with your knees strength and then carry it on your waist level. Also, do not force yourself if the object is much too heavy for you to lift. Ask someone to help you out in the process. You may also want to make use of a roller or pushcart to assist you especially when transferring a heavy load from one distance to another. Carrying a heavy weight and walking around all the same for long periods can take a toll on your back. Relax and stretch. Sitting for very long periods can stress your lumbar spine. You may not be able to see its effect just yet because it gradually develops over time. To avoid this from happening, it is re.mended that you stand up at least every twenty minutes to an hour or so and do relaxation techniques such as walking around or stretching. This can give you relief from stress and ease muscle tension. Stretching can also promote proper blood circulation in your back as well as the flexibility and durability of your back muscles. Get healthy and fit. Excess body weight can put a stress on your lower back and may aggravate back problems. Thus, it is important t maintain the ideal body and always make a conscious effort to keep it that way. All it takes is discipline and the drive to be.e fit and stay fit for a healthier lifestyle. Eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet, take vitamin supplements, get plenty of rest and exercise regularly. You may want to start by performing low intensity exercises first such as walking. Moreover, swimming can also give your back muscles the right conditioning as well. Remember that stronger back muscles mean stronger back support. Sleep properly. You may not know it, but sleeping in the right position can spare you from experiencing back pains especially when you wake up in the morning. Have .fortable pillows to give you added sleeping .fort as well. Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Also, put your pillows under your knees when sleeping on your back so that your back is kept in a slightly curved position. Make sure that your mattress is not too soft or too firm for you to sleep on. It may be a good idea to rotate your mattresss position every three to four months or so and turn it over twice a year. When getting up, use your elbows and hands when pushing your body off the bed, allowing them to take most of the weight. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: